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Iran's Animal Farm

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Animal Farm meets 1984

By HANA H. in Tehran | 10 Sept 2009

[TEHRAN BUREAU] Comment Iranian politics is an unpredictable madhouse made up of all the crazies, majorly deluded and mentally deranged thrown in with a few sane and semi-rational beings.


It is a terrain where short-term memory loss is a common characteristic and some people are more equal and others are definitely above the law.

Iran is a place where rumors circulating about mystery men are not just idle talk and almost always they turn out to be the puppeteers pulling the strings and running the show.

Disputes are settled in a tribal manner and one lucky bastard becomes an icon simply by being at the right place at the right time and for claiming one color as his own.

Iran is a country that was formerly an Islamic Republic, a theocracy; now it’s a big blank that fits no description.

With every news story that breaks, more and more people look at one another in amazement. One question showing in their eyes that many do not bring to their lips: ‘Is this still an Islamic country?’

While rape and sodomy are punishable under Sharia law — and Iran, no doubt, is a 100 percent heterosexual state — boys, girls and even middle-aged men have been violated in prison.

It now appears that homosexuals rising from within the ranks of the very ‘straight’ establishment have been deployed to numerous detention centers across the country so that no Iranian taken there will be deprived of their special treatment.

Non-Muslims are forbidden from entering sacred Shia shrines, but today one man treats one such shrine as a museum, taking a non-Muslim, one who is considered particularly corrupt by Islamic standards no less, into the highly revered place of pilgrimage. Oddly enough, there is no reaction from the Seminary or the usually vocal Sources, who not long ago saw it as their duty to issue statement after statement to shout their juristical doubts about the wrong-headedness of including women in the cabinet.


Questioning the Shia popes is against Islam and the inhabitants of the Islamic Republic are taught to blindly follow these guardians of religion. The Sources are the go-to guys who can tell them how to properly perform important feats from relieving oneself to semi-important tasks such as ‘Islamically’ drawing in the last breath. Today the popes, cardinals and even the fathers are being labeled as ‘unhinged’ or thrown behind bars.

The Sources, who once oversaw the actions of the nation and claimed to be making sure that Iranians were promptly dispatched to heaven for following them in utmost piety, are now openly mocked for showing support for the people.

The founding fathers of the revolution and the martyrs of the Iraq-Iran war were once regarded as sacred men with divine powers, whose families were treated like untouchable royalty. Today, they are accused of being counter-revolutionaries, are assaulted and insulted and locked up.

Creating an enemy, a Mr. Jones, is vital for the survival of dictatorships, as it gives the masses an object of hate to blame for all shortcomings and prevents them from noticing how they are being manipulated by their rulers.

The ‘Mr. Jones’ of Iranian society, once the West, is no longer an external threat. Every last Khomeini apostle is now an enemy of the person of Big Brother himself and must be hunted down by thought police and put on trial for every committed and non-committed thought-crime.


In the battle of the pigs, the hypocritical swine will continue to eat away at each other until the last Snowball has been chased from the farm.

After all, in Iran ‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, and … is President’.

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