Faster, Please!

Well, Finally There's Support for Iranian Workers

I’ve been calling for someone–anyone who calls himself a “leader”–in the Western world to take action on behalf of the imprisoned and tortured leaders of Iran’s workers. Now there’s something: the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has declared 6 March the International Day of Solidarity with union leaders currently jailed in Iran.

In particular, the ITF is calling for support for Mansour Osanloo, the leader and founder of the Tehran bus workers’ organization, and for Mahmoud Salehi, the leader of the bakers union in Kurdistan. Osanloo is the more famous of the two, having led a strike and having endured brutal treatment–including having his tongue split–in prison. Salehi suffers from a variety of medical problems, and is reportedly denied medication while incarcerated.

The key to regime change in Iran is support for the people, most of whom detest their oppressors and would probably be willing to take action if they felt they would receive real support from the outside world. Sanctions will not get us there; only real support will do it.

Demonstrations in the West in support of the Iranian people is a start. Maybe even the American Government will do something…and if not the government, perhaps one of the presidential candidates. I think such a candidate would get a lot of support.