Faster, Please!

Reconciliation or Contempt?

From today’s Washington Post, we learn that Hamas is binding up the wounds of their enemies:

Victorious Hamas gunmen rounded up senior military leaders of the Fatah movement in the Gaza Strip early Friday, then announced a general amnesty in a sign the Islamic movement is seeking to reconcile with its secular rivals after five days of fierce fighting.

I remember when Qadaffi called up one of his enemies, Sadat I think, to warn him of an assassination plot. The essence of that gesture was not a peace offering, but the opposite. It said “I hold you in such contempt that I even spare your life.”

In like manner, Hamas’ amnesty for Fatah leaders expresses contempt. It says “I hold the power of life and death over you, you miserable worm. For the moment I choose to spare you, but I can reverse that decision if you misbehave, son of a monkey…”

It is NOT reconciliation. It’s slavery, and that’s what we can expect if we lose this war.