Faster, Please!

Gag of the Day From the Clowns at the UN

Iran’s health care system has been praised by the United Nations. No, it’s serious, not satire. Have a look:

Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Hossein Malek Afzali received this year’s award presented by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). A special ten-nation committee selected him for outstanding work in population issues, health and welfare, IRIB reported. The committee, chaired by Sweden’s Ambassador Anders Liden, chose Afzali from among 29 nominees…

Dr. Asha Rose Migros, a deputy secretary general of the world body said in the award-giving ceremony that Iran can be considered a model country in efficient healthcare. “Iran’s programs in the population sector can be a model for other nations.“

Iran’s former health minister, Dr. Alireza Marandi, won the same award in 1999.

I love that bit about Iran’s programs are a model for the world, don’t you? Iran’s health services industry is universally described as undergoing a massive crisis. Doctor’s salaries are risible, many patients can’t pay, and new M.D.’s are emigrating as fast as they can get a visa.

But, like clockwork, an Iranian was scheduled to get this award–it apparently happens every eight years, regardless of events. Dr. Alireza Marandi won it back in 1999, the year famous for student massacres.