Faster, Please!

How to Train a Terrorist

From today’s Aerospace Daily & Defense Report, comes an interesting report:


U.S. reconnaissance spacecraft have spotted a training center in Iran that duplicates the layout of the governor’s compound in Karbala, Iraq, that was attacked in January by a special unit that killed American and Iraqi solders. The U.S. bel ieves the discovery indicates that Iran was heavily involved in the strike, which used a fake motorcade to gain entrance to the compound. The duplicate layout in Iran allowed the attackers to practice the exact procedures they would use at the real compound, the Defense Department believes.

This is SOP for bigtime terrorist operations. As far back as the assault on the Marine Barracks in Lebanon in the 1980s, we found (as, apparently, in this case, after the event) that the terrorists had built models of their targets, and practiced on them.

My guess is that we have human intelligence on this matter as well, coming from the Revolutionary Guards officers arrested in Irbil. The “reconaissance spacecraft” (I love that sort of description, don’t you? Shades of Flash Gordon…) probably confirmed it.