Faster, Please!

More Trouble for Mahmoud's Dress Code

It seems the students don’t like it:

Tehran, 27 April (AKI) – Students at the university of Lorestan, in western Iran, are carrying out an all-out protest, following the example of their peers in the capital Tehran, in Babol near the Caspian sea, and Shiraz in the west, who are rallying against new government measures imposing strict new dress codes and opening hours on campus as well as restrictions on political activity. For the past three days about 1,000 students have been occupying the campus.

The deputy dean of the university of Lorestan, Abedin Darvishpour, has also stepped down to express solidarity with the students.

“It is not possible to transform university in military barracks and demand blind obedience from the students,” Darvishpour reportedly told the protesters.

The head of Tehran U caved in to student demands. So maybe it’s a race: the regime is arresting as many people as it can, and the remainder are demonstrating.

And still the secretary of state is shamefully begging for a meeting with the Iranian foreign minister.