Bill Maher Calls Famous Physicist a Coward for Pandering to 'Woke' Children

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HBO's "Real Time" and "Club Random" podcast host Bill Maher is, for the most part, a diehard left-wing Democrat; however, he's not the kind of guy who holds to his beliefs because he desires to be part of the hive mind. Maher thinks for himself, which is why, over time, he's had his mind changed on more than a few important issues. He's willing to analyze things and go where the facts ultimately lead him, at least to a point. That's admirable. 


So it's not surprising that the talk show host, who is known for not holding back, scorched the heck out of physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson after Tyson slammed Maher for not capitulating to the woke agenda. You just have to love it when Maher goes nuclear on someone like Tyson. So many just assume that since Maher is a Democrat he'll be on their side for every issue because that's what it means to be interested in groupthink rather than fostering critical thinking.

According to the Daily Caller, Tyson accused Maher of abandoning college campuses as venues for his stand-up comedy during an episode of the "Club Random" podcast. Maher then responded to the physicist as politely as possible by saying he was "too broad" in criticizing his comedy work. 

But Tyson just couldn't seem to let the subject go, essentially telling Maher that he needs to slap some proverbial duct tape on his mouth for the sake of working on college campuses. Yes, because censoring one's self and watering down what one believes in to avoid offending delicate snowflakes is always the right way to go. Insert an eye roll here. 

“I’ve given up on any place that doesn’t even remotely attempt to believe in free speech,” Maher fired off as he reached his boiling point with Tyson. “And thinks that anything that they hear that they don’t like, that they don’t agree with is violence. These people are f****ing nuts and you should be calling them out. Somebody like you, who has standing with kids.”


Tyson made an attempt to interject, but things only got worse from there.

“You’re doing what parents do,” Maher said. “You’re taking the path of least resistance and therefore hurting the kids and yourself. Parents ruin both their lives. They ruin their fuckin’ spoiled kids’ lives and they ruin their own lives ’cause the kids rule the roost. So what you’re doing on a national level...” 

The scientist then cut him off a second time, trying to take the conversation in a different direction rather than answering any of the points Maher made. But that was not enough to deter the host, as he kept pressing, calling Tyson "sweetheart" numerous times while making it clear that he was not going to water down his personality or his beliefs in order to fit in with the woke crowd.

Amen, amen, amen!

The problem is not that there's so much offensive material and truth out there to hear, but that kids are being so coddled and protected from reality that they aren't learning how to handle the harshness of reality. Life, as Rocky Balboa once said, is not all sunshine and rainbows. If you don't have a good chin on you, a solid proverbial left hook from reality will take you face down to the canvas.


Young people today are ill-equipped to handle adversity. If someone dares to challenge their belief system, rather than finding out where the facts and the truth lead, they have emotional meltdowns and demand that everyone else be silenced. 

That's not how life works, I'm sorry to say. And that's the point Maher is trying to get across, which is something more people need to hear and take to heart.



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