EU Justice Commissioner Says Media Must Be Regulated to Prevent 'Hate'

You will be made to care, comrade (AP Photo/Francisco Seco)

The shape of things to come, both in Europe and in the United States:

Racial abuse, discrimination and the “bad version of nationalism” that promotes exclusion and hatred are on the rise, and the media may need to be regulated to help curtail the problem, European Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová warned today.

A “dangerous” version of nationalism is “not only visible in the rising popularity of the extreme parties” but is also evident in the political mainstream, which “accept[s] some part of this rhetoric of division,” the commissioner said in a speech in Vienna, according to pre-released notes obtained by Brussels Playbook.

Jourovà called on politicians and the press to take action.


And I think we all know exactly what she means by “action.” By the way, her full title is European commissioner for justice, consumers, and gender equality, if you can imagine such a thing.

In other words, if you’re for little or no “immigration,” that’s now called “exclusion.” If you find some cultures (such as your own) worthier than others, that’s “hatred.” If you put love of country over the EU, that’s “dangerous nationalism.” To demonstrate just how far the social-justice Left despises adherents of free speech (which must perforce include “hate” speech), take a gander at this justification for consumer/gender equality fascism. Count the buzzwords:

“Media can build the culture of dialogue or sow divisions, spread disinformation and encourage exclusion,” the commissioner said. “The Brexit debate is the best example of that.” Politicians should “show responsibility” and “restraint,” and must “realize that their words become justification for some people to act on their urges and their fears.”

The Czech politician pointed to far-right protests in Chemnitz, the “anti-Soros campaign in Hungary or growing anti-Muslim or anti-Roma rhetoric” as examples of when “exclusion, discrimination and lack of respect for minorities have spilled over from the margins to the center and don’t meet enough resistance from the media, politicians or opinion leaders.”


Allow me translate from the original Czech: leaders of the EU, like Democrats in America, don’t want to see one word or image in the press that contradicts their Leftist social opinions, and will soon enough react with the full force of the state to see that they don’t.

The media is “instrumental in holding politicians to account and in defining the limits of what is ‘unacceptable’ in a society,” Jourová argued, before highlighting the front page of a British tabloid that labeled EU leaders “dirty rats.

She also called for potential new regulation for the media, saying she would “advocate for a European approach to media based on quality and smart regulation, if needed,” adding that “we need to keep up our support for public broadcasters and independent media more broadly than just following the laws of markets.”

Truly Orwellian in its fluent Newspeak. And the use of the words “potential” and “if needed” needs no explanation. You’ve been warned.


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