In Praise of Equality, Mammary Division

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As if to prove Mr. Bumble’s ‘ famous dictum that “the law is a ass — a idiot,” a federal judge in Colorado has fallen for the stupidest false equivalence now currently on social-justice order: that men and women are exactly the same:


A federal judge has ordered the city of Fort Collins to stop enforcing a policy that bans women from showing their breasts in public. It started with one woman asking, “If men can go topless, why can’t women?”

“It’s sexist because it specifically discriminates against female breasts,” Brittiany Hoagland said in 2015.

Hoagland, Samantha Six and a group called Free the Nipple — Fort Collins made headlines across the country when they protested on the corner of College Avenue and Mulberry Street with nothing but “opaque dressings” covering their nipples.

The Fort Collins City Council asked for public input but ended up voting to keep the topless ban for women in place. But the council added two exceptions: Breastfeeding mothers and girls younger than 10 years old.

After the decision, Hoagland, Six and Free the Nipple — Fort Collins filed a civil lawsuit against the city, claiming the policy violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution. On Wednesday, Federal Judge R. Brooke Jackson ordered an injunction preventing police and the city from enforcing the ban.

The reason you can’t give the cultural-Marxist Left an inch is that you just know they will quickly take the extra mile. And they do:

“The court essentially agreed that any statute containing the concept that ‘Women are prohibited from …’ is likely unconstitutional,” attorney David Lane said in a statement.

In his ruling, Jackson disagreed with the argument that topless females might distract drivers and cause traffic issues that disrupt public order. “[I]t appears that underlying Fort Collins’ belief that topless females are uniquely disruptive of public order is [a] negative stereotype … that society considers female breasts primarily as objects of sexual desire whereas male breasts are not,” Jackson said.


Well, gee, maybe that’s because they are (among other things), and have been considered so from time immemorial.

“Lilith,” by John Collier

But modern notions of “equality” are much more important than cultural norms, which as we all know are a conspiracy against various “disadvantaged” groups who might well be better off asking themselves why they’re disadvantaged. In this case, the women’s argument is not with men, but with God.


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