New Muslim Mayor of London Vows to Defeat Trump

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Only a few days since his election and already Sadiq Khan, the new Muslim mayor of Londonistan, is meddling in America’s internal affairs:

Sadiq Khan has offered to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump – pledging his successful campaign as a “template” to hers. Mr Khan, the new Mayor of London, said he had successfully beaten the Conservatives’ “Donald Trump approach” to elections in last weeks’ vote.

“I think what we’ve shown — and I hope it’s a lesson that Hillary and others in American take on board, hope does ‘trump’ fear, forgive the pun,” he told reporters at the capital’s City Hall,according to the Politico website. He said he was planning to travel to the US before the end of the year due to the threat of Mr Trump’s proposed policy of banning all Muslims from traveling to the US.

Mr Khan’s election has attracted interest from around the world on account of his election as the first Muslim mayor of a major western capital city.


Trump has reached out, but of course the standard bearer of the ummah promptly reject the peace overture:

Mr Trump, the presumptive nominee for the Republican presidential candidacy, commented on Mr Khan’s election by saying he would make an exception for him to visit the US. But Mr Khan rejected the offer. “The idea of making an exception for me because I’m the Mayor of London demonstrates how little they understand,” he said.

Actually, the fact that Khan is the mayor of London demonstrates how little Little England understands about what’s happening to it, but that’s another story.


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