How Dumb Are Today's College Students?

Last month, during a panel discussion at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, I made the unexceptionable observation that Bruce Jenner is just a dude in a dress, and the social justice warriors nearly lost their minds.


Music critic Michael Walsh, author of the recent book, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, explained how art, as well as conversation, falls victim to political correctness.

“There is no more humor when you cannot make fun of anybody, and Hollywood comedies suffer from that greatly.”  He cited the recent and highly-publicized example of Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender and recalled how a man dressed in a ball gown was played for laughs in Mel Brooks’ film “The Producers.”  “Is that Bruce Jenner or is that Mel Brooks comedy?  Well, today, could Mel Brooks make that movie?”

But today half the country lives in a fantasy world in which a short white guy can “self-identify” as a tall Chinese woman and no one will tell him he’s mad as a hatter:

This is the dead end to which critical theory and its demon child, political correctness, have lead us. And it will get even worse; if you thought the drive to allow pervs into women’s locker rooms in the name of “equality” was insane, wait til you see what’s coming next.

Meanwhile, have a laugh while they still let you:



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