Nice Guys Finish Last

Sure, it’s easy to whine that the polls are skewed and that the media hates you — but none of that is any excuse for the passive Romney “campaign” we’ve been witnessing, which apparently boils down to victory through advertising. It’s nearly past time for Mitt to get mad and man up, strike hard at Obama, bite back a la Gingrich at the media and generally raise hell about the state of the country and the world.


So here’s the speech Mitt Romney needs to give to Eric Fehrnstrom,, Stuart Stevens, et al. in Boston to get his campaign back on track — but of course never will. From the great David Mamet, this memorable scene from the movie version of Glengarry Glen Ross. (Language warning, but you know that already):

Go and do likewise, gents.

UPDATE: Yes, Mitt, something like this.


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