His Handling of the Coronavirus Menace Proves: Trump Is a Leader

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

It’s certainly true that Trump underestimated the impact the new Chinese coronavirus would have on America and the rest of the world. However, nowadays, the president is doing all the right things while simultaneously being as open and forthright with the American people as he can. Unlike many other heads of state, Trump is honestly telling Americans that they have to expect somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths if they follow the rules with regards to social distancing. If they do not, he told them right to their faces, we’re talking about up to 2,000,000 deaths.


If only other presidents and prime ministers were as transparent and open about the effects of this pandemic as Trump. In the Netherlands, for example, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has stubbornly refused to mention any statistics related to the death toll. He has admitted that 60 to 70 percent of Dutch may eventually get the virus, but not a word has come out of his mouth about the possible number of deaths. He’d rather hide such unpleasant statistics from the people. Apparently, he’s too afraid that they won’t be able to deal with the truth.

Trump takes a completely different approach. Unlike PM Rutte, the American president treats his citizens like adults. This, he says, is going to be the death toll if we obey the rules, and this is what’s going to happen if we don’t. Americans can’t hide from the truth because their president doesn’t.


It’s yet another reason to envy Americans. No, Trump isn’t perfect, but a leader he is.

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