Daily Caller Confronts College Students With Ultrasounds of Unborn Babies. Laughter Ensues

Daily Caller / YouTube.

The Daily Caller decided to take some ultrasounds of unborn babies in their first, second and third trimester with them to an American college and ask students what they thought of aborting those babies. The ultrasounds made clear: these were real babies. Somehow, however, the majority of college students had great trouble recognizing them as such.


This is the most disheartening video I’ve seen in some time. Time and again, the students are asked their thoughts on aborting babies that are clearly fully developed, and they respond by laughing… and by insisting that, whatever, the mother can do as she pleases. Oh sure, it looks like a real baby, but hahahahaha, they just “feel” that life starts when the child leaves the mother’s body. Ultrasounds be damned.

Note the constant emphasis on how they feel. I was told that liberals are pro-science. Clearly, they’re not. They’re pro-emotions. Feelings are treated as facts and arguments.

Ben Shapiro has a habit of saying “facts don’t care about your feelings.” Well, Ben, this new generation clearly responds by saying that “my feelings don’t care about your facts either.” And guess which trumps which?


This is what total depravity looks like. With one, possibly two exceptions, these students have clearly lost all sense of morality. And note how obstinate they are about it when they aren’t actually, literally laughing out loud. It’s an amazing sight to behold. They first admit they have no idea what they’re talking about, then throw some feelings into the mix, laugh and joke, and conclude by upholding the leftwing talking points hammered into them by their teachers.

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