Troll-in-Chief Trump Triggers Liberals With Doctored Photo of His Head on Sylvester Stallone's Body

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One of the main reasons that I have come to greatly appreciate President Trump — aside from his good policies, of course — is his amazing ability to trigger liberals. This guy truly is the Troll-in-Chief. You could even call him Rocky.


Case in point, this tweet:

What you see is a doctored photo of President Trump’s head on Sylvester Stallone’s body. It’s clear why he tweeted it: he’s embattled, the left is attacking him constantly, Democrats are trying to impeach him… but he’s still standing. What’s more, he’s actually winning. Yep, just like Rocky.

However, by tweeting this doctored photo, President Trump has once again succeeded in triggering the left. Let’s just look at some of liberals’ reactions to this (rather funny) tweet:

“This Thanksgiving I am not thankful for a foolish President who takes his responsibility to defend our natural rights as a joke. This goofy photo isn’t funny. It’s symbolic of your id & how your delusions of grandeur are dangerous to us all,” one Stephanie L Schmidt writes.

Medical Doctor Eugene Gu takes it even further. According to this leftie, President Trump tweeting himself as Stallone proves that he’s “broken inside.” “The doctor in me,” he adds, “can’t help but feel sorry for you.”


“Author and consultant” Tomi T. Ahonen seems to have temporarily forgotten his status as a “motivational speaker” because of the president’s tweet. “Donald the Duck McTrump,” he writes in a tweet that makes absolutely no sense for anyone who’s not high on marijuana. “Fake tan. Fake hair. Fake body. Fake college grades. Fake bone spurs. Fake Vietnam Deferment. Fake Billionaire. Fake author. Fake patriot. Fake Republican. Fake wall. Fake end of ISIS. Fake emergency. Fake University. Fake Helsinki (wut?). Fake N Korea (what? Is he implying North Korea doesn’t exist?). Fake Charity. Fake wife (not sure about this one. He could either imply that Melania and Trump aren’t really married or that Melania isn’t actually a woman).”

An anonymous Twitter-user who goes by the nickname of LongTallTexas, meanwhile, goes all psychologist on Trump. “Pure insanity here,” he writes rather ironically, “reinforced by stupidity, held up with envy, made worst by knowing he’s not this, just grabbing at an image he sees, he needs, he so wishes was true, anything to fill the sick hollow ache reality really is for him. Alone with panicked obsession to be, yet not!”


Obsessive, indeed. The question is, though: who’s the obsessed one, Trump or Mr. Tall Texan?

A liberal guy (I hope I’m not misgendering here considering all the pretty flags this user put in his Twitter-bio) called Thorsten uses the opportunity to tell President Trump that he’ll end up in jail. “You are not Rocky,” he explains to Trump. “You were born with a silver spoon” (actually, it was golden) “and will end with a plastic spork. In prison.”

Yet another leftist extremist, who goes by the handle @MulberryLaurie, hilarious claims that President Trump’s ‘Stallone-tweet’ proves that he suffers from some kind of “mental illness.” “This is the POTUS,” she goes on to write, “the man with the nuclear code. All joking aside, can’t Congress place him on a 5150 hold? I’m scared for our country and you should be too.”


Here’s a thought: if President Trump’s tweet makes you experience all those thoughts and feelings, perhaps you are the one who should be treated for a mental illness, Laurie.

In any case, the list of angry liberal reactions goes on and on. These folks have once again completely lost it. All that was required for them to be triggered was President Trump tweeting a photo of his own head on Sylvester Stallone’s body. That’s it.


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