Racist, Woman-Hating Democrats Want an Old White Man as Their Presidential Nominee

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, file)

There it is ladies and gentlemen, definite proof that Democrats are racist through and through:

Seventy percent of respondents [likely Democatic primary voters] said a male nominee would do the best, and 68 percent thought a white nominee would perform best against Trump. And given the full panoply of gender and racial identifiers, 56 percent favored a white male as most electable.


Doesn’t that make you sick to your stomach? I mean, even Democrats — who probably suffer from some very serious psychological conditions. I mean, why else would they be Democrats? — will remember that the last elected and re-elected Democrat was… an African-American. What’s more, as The Intelligencer points out, “there was a pretty broad consensus going into 2016 that a woman nominee would benefit from as much of a frontlash of support among women as she would suffer from a sexist backlash. On this last point, it’s not at all clear that sexism was instrumental in Hillary Clinton’s defeat, given the many, many other factors dragging her down to a mere two-point advantage in the popular vote.”

There is, then, no rational explanation for Democratic voters to prefer an old white male. Well, except for one thing. They are, quite simply, both racist and sexist.


If a member of the mainstream media disagrees with that interpretation of this poll, perhaps he or she could explain to me how they would’ve responded to these findings if those polled were Republicans. Because there’s no doubt in my mind that this is exactly how they would’ve dealt with it. It would be seen as the umpteenth piece of evidence of the “inherently racist and sexist” feelings of Republicans.


Since I’m all about fairness, I have no problem lobbing these accusations at Democrats. It’s clear to me: they have to be the most terrible African American-hating and woman-hating people in America. Thank God the current president is a Republican.


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