Did Trump Just Admit He's Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice?

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Well, this is historic:


As Jonah Seiger points out, it’s difficult to interpret this in any other way than Trump admitting he’s under investigation. That’s a shocker since the Washington Post, which reported on this matter, only quoted some anonymous sources. In the last few months, we’ve frequently seen such sources share, well, less than accurate information.

Apparently, Trump believes (or knows?) the report to be correct.

Still, none of that means, of course, that he has become a sitting duck. If there’s one politician in America who knows how to fight back when under attack, it’s Trump. And yes, this tweet makes clear that this is exactly what he plans to do: fight back whenever and wherever he can.

In fact, he immediately posted another tweet after the one quoted above:

Is this an attack on Special Counsel Mueller? If so, does this mean that Mueller may soon get fired?


As matters are, Trump is wise to let Mueller do his job. He has nothing to fear. First, there is indeed no evidence of him personally colluding with the Russians and, second, he had every right to fire former FBI director James Comey for whatever reason he saw fit. Mueller can investigate Trump as much as he wants, but Democrats’ wishes do not the law make.

Democrats and their friends in the media and in the bureaucracy can make as much noise as they want, but it won’t change the single most important fact: Trump has done nothing wrong. So bring it on; investigate him and try to take him down. In the end, it’ll be Trump and the GOP who will be left standing, while the entire Democratic movement will be pulverized.


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