German Pro-EU Social Democrats Surge in Polls

FILE - In this May 25, 2014 file picture Social Democratic party politician Martin Schulz, lifts a thumb during a European election party in Berlin.SPD head Sigmar Gabriel told Der Stern magazine his party would have better chances if someone else stood as its candidate for chancellor. The party said Tuesday Jan. 24, 2017 Gabriel instead proposed Martin Schulz, who recently decided not to seek another term as European Parliament president to return to domestic politics, as the chancellor candidate. (Michael Kappeler/dpa via AP)

Although the populists of Alternative für Deutschland are doing increasingly well in the polls, the talk of the town in Germany right now is the surge of the SPD, the country’s europhile social democratic party.


The reason for the party’s rise is its selection of Martin Schulz as its candidate for chancellor. Schulz is one of the main enemies of eurosceptics — watch, for instance, this clash in the European Parliament between the German and British MEP Nigel Farage (UK Independence Party):

In the European Parliament — Schulz was its president until late last year, when he resigned to run for the highest office in Germany — Schulz was known as a socialist firebrand who treated eurosceptics with complete and utter disrespect.

Those of us who don’t support the European Project, and I’m passionately opposed to it, saw Schulz as our main opponent. He embodied the iron-fisted European establishment: dare to disagree with him and his grand ideas, and he’d call you a racist, a Nazi, a fascist, and worse. Few people are as hated by freedom-loving Europeans than this man.

Strangely, Schulz seems to be quite popular in Germany itself; they’re apparently still inclined to support authoritarians who use their power to silence those who disagree with him:

In a bid to hold on to power come September, the CDU and CSU will carve out a campaign strategy emphasizing domestic and international security and cohesion within German society.

The push for unity in the conservative union came amidst a surprising revival of support for the Social Democratic Party (SPD) after it put forth former European Parliament President Martin Schulz as its candidate for chancellor.

In an opinion poll published by the German newspaper “Bild am Sonntag,” the SPD scored 29 percent – a six-point jump in support that was the largest pollster Emnid ever recorded for the party.

Support for the CDU/CSU union, on the other hand, fell by 4 points to 33 percent.

An opinion poll conducted for the German public broadcaster ARD on Thursday showed that the CDU/CSU raked in 34 percent while the SPD was up eight points at 28 percent.


Schulz is a wannabe tyrant. (I realize we’re not supposed to refer to Germany’s love for authoritarian politicians anymore but, hey, I’m as politically incorrect as they come.) Just search for “Schulz Farage” on YouTube — you’ll find one video after another in which Schulz uses his authority as the EP’s president to shut up Farage and other eurosceptics.

It’s what he has done throughout his “presidency.” There’s no one who better represents Brussels’ megalomania and totalitarian tendencies.

Polls show that one of the reasons for Schulz’s rising popularity is his constant attacks on Donald Trump. This sentiment is widely shared by Germans, who see Trump as a possibly racist autocrat. In response, they’re apparently flocking to a politically correct autocrat. Well done, German social democrats! Resist what you deem to be totalitarianism by voting for your kind of totalitarian.

Making this development even worse: Schulz favors a stronger, more powerful European Union.

If he becomes Germany’s new chancellor, you can be sure he’ll shove “Mehr Europa” (“More Europe”) down Europeans’ throats. The Dutch, Austrians, Italians, and others may oppose it, but Germany is far and away the EU’s most powerful country — especially since Britain has decided to exit the Project from Hell. If Schulz wins, there will be nobody able to stop his plan to make Brussels more powerful than ever before.



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