Donald Trump: 'If I Acted Presidential, I Wouldn't Be Here!'

(AP Photo/Paul Vernon)

Bubba the Bully has no intention whatsoever of becoming more “presidential”:

“If I acted presidential, I can guarantee you this morning, I wouldn’t be here,” Trump said Saturday in Waterbury, Connecticut.

On Monday, as he again mocked the idea of behaving in a more “presidential” manner at two rallies in Pennsylvania, Trump called John Kasich a “slob” after calling attention to his penchant for eating too much on the campaign trail and blasted him and Cruz, whom he called “an ass,” for “colluding” to stop him — every broadside delivered in his trademark vernacular and an implicit rebuke to those handlers looking to rein him in.

“That’s Trump. If you try to force him into a box, he’s going to climb out of the box just to prove it to you,” said one operative close to the campaign. “If you say he’s going to be more presidential, all you did is make him less presidential.”


And so it looks like Paul Manafort, the ultimate insider who’s supposed to save Trump’s flailing delegate game, is losing the battle for the soul of the Trump campaign. Manafort wants to make Trump more presidential because he fears the candidate will lose in the end if he doesn’t change — fast. The man who was Trump’s number two from day one, Corey Lewandowski (also knows as the guy who assaults female journalists when they stand in his way), doesn’t like that one bit, however. He has long said that Trump just has to be Trump.

It now seems Trump himself agrees.

A presidential candidate who refuses to behave presidentially? You’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad. Not only because we rightfully demand American presidents to behave in a somewhat civilized manner, but also because it proves that Trump has no interest in simply being a decent human being. He’s got the image of a bully, of a boor, and he’s more than happy with it. After all, it’s what made him into the phenomenon he is, and that’s the only thing he cares about: fame.


Well, that and money.


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