With Just 2 Months to Go, Britain's 'Leave' Campaign Is Losing Ground to 'Remain'

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Bad news from the British isles: a Brexit (an exit from Britain from the European Union) is further away than ever before.

Although most people — myself included — thought it would be a close race in Britain, where voters will, in June, decide whether they’ll remain in the EU or leave, it now looks like it’ll be a relatively easy victory for the “Remain” camp, led by Prime Minister David Cameron. According to the most recent poll published by the respectable The Telegraph newspaper, 52% of British voters now say they will vote to remain in the EU, whereas a mere 43% say they demand a Brexit.


The worst part? Only 5% say they’re undecided. In other words, even if all these undecided voters would break for “Leave,” Ukip leader Nigel Farage and London Mayor Boris Johnson would still lose 52%-48%.

oh no

Please note, only one month ago, these numbers were basically reversed, with 52% of those polled back in March saying they’d vote to leave the EU.

Luckily there’s also some good news, although not much. According to The Telegraph, voters who want to leave the EU are more passionate about their cause than those who want to remain:

we're screwed

What this means is simple: Johnson, Farage, and minister Michael Gove (who’s one of the cabinet members who support a Brexit) have to get as large a share of the undecideds as they possibly can, and they have to make sure that those who want to leave the EU actually take the time to vote. Back in March, 79% of the Leave-voters said they were determined to vote; that’s decreased to 70% now. If the Leave camp succeeds in getting that back to 79% (or higher!), they can still win; not because most British voters share their views, but because they’re simply more passionate and determined to make it happen.



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