Laura Ingraham Has an Epic Meltdown, Live on Air

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Laura Ingraham is, insiders say, known as a radio talker who “goes through producers faster than anyone in the industry.” And it showed yesterday, when she panicked after she ran into some technical issues while the show was on air.


“What’s going — what do I do, guys? I can’t hear anything! What do I do?” she screamed. “Drew, can you hear something in yours? No, right? Are you on ‘Best of’? Are you on ‘Best of’? We have dead air? We gotta put a ‘Best of’ on, Drew.”

The Daily Caller explains that the “Drew” Ingraham referred to is Drew Carmichael, her current executive producer. He soon realized why he has so many predecessors who used to work with Ingraham but no longer do: she has a very serious temper problem and can’t stay calm under pressure.

Her producer tried to save the show by playing Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary,” but that didn’t calm Ingraham down. At all. She continued:

We’re gonna lose every f***ing station we have! This is unbelievable. I don’t know what to do. What do I do? Just read stories? What? Everything’s dead in here; I heard a click! The lights aren’t on on the console. We got to put a ‘best of’ on, we’ve got to call Westwood One.


Dame van der Cankles herself would be jealous of this temper tantrum. It’s not that Ingraham screamed — she didn’t — but her curses and questions prove that she doesn’t know how to handle setbacks. She loses control immediately, panics, and demands that others tell her what to do because she can’t come up with a plan B herself.

Yet another reason why I prefer to listen to Dana Loesch’s show, and those of Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Steve Deace. The only one of those who loses his cool every now and then is Levin, and it’s part of his shtick, not an accident because he isn’t in charge of his own emotions.

Listen to the audio of Ingraham’s meltdown down on air on the next page.


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