Swarovski Here, Swarovski There, Swarovski Everywhere: A Hideous Monstrosity Or Pure Make-Up Art?

A photo posted by Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal) on

As I wrote at PJ Lifestyle yesterday, I’m a newlywed whose wife is very interested in make-up art. Although, as a macho guy, you always hope these things don’t rub off on you, but sadly, they do. So I now catch myself actually keeping an eye on make-up artists active on Instagram, hoping I can forward this or that tip to my wife.


Poor me.

In any case, today I stumbled across this  lipstick art by Pat McGrath, an internationally well-known make-up artist. However, before I let my wife know about it, I wanted to ask you ladies what you think: do you agree that this looks pretty awesome or is it too freakish for you, with those little Swarovski diamonds on the lady’s lips?


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