The Very Best Reason Why Ted Cruz Should Be the 2016 Nominee

If Republicans want to win the presidential elections next year, they’d better nominate a candidate who’s willing to take the fight to the criminal organization called the Democratic Party and their allies in the media.


Luckily, there are two candidates who are real warriors: Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Scott Walker.

The latter’s problem? He isn’t nearly charismatic enough to take on the Clintons in a national election — and yes, for now I’m going to assume Hillary will be the eventual Democratic nominee.

That’s why I support Ted Cruz for president. He’s as charismatic a warrior as they come. See, for instance, how he responded when attacked by Wolf Blitzer. The guy isn’t rattled easily and sticks to his guns, no matter what.

Another video in which Cruz proves he isn’t afraid of his critics and, what’s more, he’s simply better informed than they are:

One more gem:

Now, let’s go back in time: last year Glenn Beck slammed the media’s “blindfolded fear” of Ted Cruz, saying they’re “so terrified” of him that they’re trying to “destroy” him.

Compared to the way the media treats Cruz now, they were positively supportive a year ago when Beck unloaded on them. See for instance Salon’s headline “Ted Cruz: Freedom won’t survive unless we deny gay people theirs,” which is simply sickening. He isn’t anti-gay, he’s pro states’ rights. But hey, progressives can’t be bothered with that: attack, attack, attack. He’s dangerous! Search and destroy. The Huffington Post also weighs in by trying to portray him as a political opportunist who lies when he says he cares about the poor. Other candidates would immediately take a step back if attacked so unfairly, but Cruz  knows how to defend himself: he turns it into a battle against crony capitalism, not against capitalism itself. Eat that, Democrats.


Because of his feisty demeanor, Cruz does well in both online and real-world polls. even ran an article two days ago explaining how and why he can win. That’s why the media fear him. He’s their version of the big bad wolf: a real conservative, articulate, well educated, with a very passionate base, who does well in the polls, who actually believes in small government, and who is — above all — a born fighter.

So progressies go in for the kill and hope they can preempt his campaign. They’ll fail at that precisely because he’ll fight back, but they have to try nonetheless.

Republicans, heed my words: nominate this man and you’ll win. Dismiss him at your own peril.

What do you think? Is Ted Cruz the right person for the job because he’s a real fighter, or should Republicans again nominate a wishy-washy candidate who tries to placate the media and Democrats?



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