Syria Still on Fire

While the politicos and pundits obsess over every detail of the Libya thing, the future of the world may be changing in the Syrian streets.  As with Iran, we have the chance to bring down an evil enemy by providing political and perhaps financial support (strike fund, anyone?) to democratic forces.  No American soldiers at risk, no bombs that will inevitably kill at least some innocents…


The latest:

Damascus.  Thousands of demonstrators in the streets.

Aleppo. RPS is receiving news that thousands are rallying in Old Aleppo.

Idlib and Jablah. Demonstrators, in the hundreds, in support of the people of Dara’a, are in the streets. In Idlib, not far from the largest city of Aleppo in the north, RPS is told that the Ba’ath Party HQ has been torched. Jablah is located on the Mediterranean coast North of Banias and south of Latakiya, a stronghold of Assad. With these demonstrations, Syria has recorded rallies for freedom in every direction on its compass.

Homs. Thousands of demonstrators in Homs today. Slogans “Peacefully”, “Allah, Syria, and Freedom Only”. “No more fear”. We also hear few chanting “Allah wa Akbar” and slogans in support of the people of Dara’a.

Deir el Zour. Thousands are also demonstrating in the Kurdish stronghold. One chant “He who kills his people is the traitor” referring to Assad killing streets in Dara’a. RPS is receiving reports of violent clashes in Deir El-Zour between Assad’s security and the protestors.

Berlin. Large number of Syrian expatriates are converging upon the Syrian Embassy in Berlin.



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