Iran Converting Syrians to Shi'ism For Money

I’ve received a couple of comments in response to my claim that the Iranians are paying Syrians to convert to Shi’ism, and paying them to do it.

Here is one story about it, from an excellent journalist, Olivier Guitta:


Here’s the key part of the article:

“Another country, which is also clearly a target of Iranian proselytizing, is Syria. According to some recent reports, Iran gives $10,000 to each Syrian family that converts to Shiism. Noted Middle East expert Amir Taheri recently acknowledged what he calls the “Iranization” of Syria.

For instance, Syria has lifted the ban on Shiite proselytization and therefore allowed hundreds of Iranian mullahs to convert Syrian Sunnis, including huge numbers of Alawites, President Bashar Assad’s own sect. Iran has also set up 11 centers of Khomeinist indoctrination in cities other than Damascus and, according to Taheri, as of last September, 17,000 Syrians had enrolled to follow classes there. Last but not least Taheri noticed the number of men and women in the streets conforming to the Khomeinist “look.”

I’m crashing on a book right now and don’t have time to hunt down the Taheri article to which Guitta refers, but it’s enough enough to find it.

Hope this helps.


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