The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 126: Men Are From Mars and Women Are From the True Crime Network

For crying out loud! Why can’t we all just get along? I’ll tell you why. There’s a bunch of dudes out there all butthurt over the fact that women are afraid of them in parking lots. This is the most bizarre argument I’ve ever been in online. And I really do try to help you guys out there looking for ways to have good relationships with women. I hate to see lonely, sad, and angry guys out there looking for love.

But perhaps your biggest problem is that you don’t listen to what women tell you about themselves. A viral video showed a woman in her car after what she said was a scary event in a store parking lot. She was walking to her car with her baby when a man shouted to get her attention by saying “Excuse me, ma’am,” and what she did ignited the war between the sexes again.

This isn’t about her or whether she’s a troll or not (and she might be) because it showed that this parking lot issue is ridiculously controversial, and it shouldn’t be. Tune in so I can explain why a bunch of you guys are far too sensitive and take her reaction way too personally. (If you can handle it.) Don’t tune in if you’re determined to call every woman a rabid feminist for fearing for her safety. There are common sense ways to treat one another, and this parking lot argument has got to stop! Don’t forget to check out my article from last year about this very thing!

Tune in to my rant about parking lots and personal safety.


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