Sick of Woke Sports? Become an MMA Freedom Fight Night Fan! An Interview With CEO Harrison Rogers

Courtesy of Freedom Fight Night

Harrison Rogers is an MMA fan, an entrepreneur, and a conservative. When he discovered that getting politically active means mostly raising money, he came up with a great idea to entertain people, raise money, support causes he loves, and create a solid business. Launched in early 2022, the Freedom Fight Night events already have a reach spanning six continents, 48 countries, and 947 cities.


Rogers sat down with me to talk about his company and its event in Phoenix, which is coming up on November 4.

“I got involved in politics like everybody in 2020,” said Rogers. “2020 taught us, if anything, that we can no longer leave politics to politicians,” Rogers said he tried to figure out how to get involved and make a difference. “Everything was so old fashioned… go to cocktail parties, raise money, and it didn’t seem to coincide with middle America that I knew.”

That’s when the idea for Freedom Fight Night came to him. “The left, unfortunately, really has won the culture war. They own entertainment and education. How can you be anti-establishment when your party owns all the establishments?” he asked. “At least MMA hasn’t fallen to the woke culture. We don’t have MMA athletes taking a knee.” Rogers turned his love of MMA into a way to raise money and fight back against the woke takeover.

“I thought, ‘I’m going to try and mesh these two worlds’ and have a fundraiser be a fight night where people can come and watch incredible athletes perform,” he said “knowing that the proceeds go to a good cause, which was our Super PAC.”

Freedom Fight Night’s YouTube features fights from past events.

“Our third event is in Phoenix, Ariz.,” he continued. “November 4 we are going to have our biggest card, and these athletes are bringing so many more eyes to this.” The fight in Phoenix will be between Ben Henderson and Ryan Bader at the Arizona Financial Theater at 6 p.m. Fans can purchase tickets on Ticketmaster.


“We are in the mode of solving problems where we can,” he said, explaining that after the midterms the company will be transitioning into a full league called the United Fight League (UFL), which will offer health benefits and stock buy-ins for the athletes for their retirement. Harrison also has a podcast called the HJR Experiment, “Honest, Jarring, and Real” where he talks with athletes about the issues of the day.

“We launch our first episode on Thursday on all major platforms,” said Rogers. There’s also a reality show launching on YouTube starring MMA legends. “We’ve been recording with MMA legends like Frank Mir, Tito Ortiz, Quintin ‘Rampage’ Jackson, and Ben Henderson. We have a lot of UFC legends who helped build UFC.”

Tune into my interview with Rogers below, and support sports leagues that don’t hate you!


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