[WATCH] Amazon Employees Hold Secret Zoom Meeting Plotting to Ban Conservative Children's Book

Johnny the Walrus is a best-selling children’s book written by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh. The book is a terrific satire about adults who insist that children can be “transgender” and go so far as to put them on hormones and even have surgeries done on them, instead of letting them go through puberty normally and seeking psychotherapy to treat their distress.


Many of the parents who do this to their children appear to be suffering from some kind of attention disorder that drives them to seek the limelight while they mutilate their own children, like the parents of Jazz Jennings, who “transitioned” their son starting at the age of three. Jazz Jennings suffered a micro-penis due to puberty blockers that stunted his growth, three failed vaginoplasty surgeries, massive weight gain, loss of sexual pleasure, and the deterioration of his mental health — all while being featured on television as his parents profited. It’s a dire situation for children stuck in such families.

Walsh wrote a book satirizing the transgender cult, and it became a best-seller on Amazon. The woke crew that runs Amazon isn’t about to let that continue. A leaked Zoom call has surfaced in which Amazon employees discuss plans to take the book off the recommended list and stunt its sales potential … essentially banning Johnny the Walrus.

Libs of TikTok has the video. In it, an employee of Amazon calls the satire “problematic” and says it’s been “a very traumatic experience for transgender Amazonians and our transgender customers.” The employee vows that “there are things in the space that are happening” to deal with this trauma. “It’s one hell of a problem,” the employee says about the book, before bringing a “customer” onto the stream who lies about what is in it.


“To report a book that you are selling, I just checked your website and the book is still up on there,” she said. “It is by Matt Walsh and it is teaching kids to kill, well, to bully transgenders … to bully them into committing suicide.”

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“Now he is bragging that he has the number one book, you are still going to continue to sell it and he’s glad it’s going to make the LGBTQAI kids commit suicide … he’s bragging about it on Twitter,” the customer continued.

This is totally false. There is nothing in the book about bullying or killing transgender kids. Also, I ran an advanced search on Walsh’s tweets over the past year and only found one tweet that contains the word “suicide.” It does not reference the book in any way and also does not celebrate the suicide of transgender kids. There is no evidence that Walsh is “bragging” about making LGBTQAI kids commit suicide.


What Amazon is spreading around the company with the claim that Walsh has written a “manual” directing kids to bully other kids into suicide might be slander and could be actionable, because it is demonstrably false and could impact his sales. Listen to the recording below. Amazon owes Walsh a big apology.

The book is actually great. Listen to Walsh read it. It is the story of a little boy whose parents and other adults take his fantasy life way too far, harming him in the process. There is nothing about suicide or bullying in it. Amazon allowed a “customer” to blatantly lie about the contents of the book and appears to be acting on that lie to censor it.

PJ Media reached out to the Office of Intellectual Freedom at the American Library Association (which is famous for their “banned books week” where they defend every book anyone has ever complained about unless it’s a book written by a conservative) for their comment on this censorious action by Amazon. They did not respond.



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