'Cryin and Lyin' Adam Kinzinger Gets the Takedown He Deserves

Ting Shen/Pool via AP

I attended Adam Kinzinger’s political launch in New Lenox, Ill., at a Tea Party event I was covering many years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. He stood outside in the cold with hundreds of ticked-off Americans who were organizing to send real conservatives to Washington. He said all the right things and he happily accepted all the checks from those people who were desperate for representation. Then he went to Washington, because of the support of the Tea Party, and promptly never returned their phone calls again.


He’s been a traitor to conservatism for a very long time. But recently, he’s getting worse. He might as well drop the facade and switch parties. Tucker Carlson used his giant platform to give Kinzinger the greatest dressing down he’s had coming since his first election. It’s beautiful. Check out the chyron that reads, “Cryin’ and Lyin’: Come on the Show, Kinzinger.” LOL

You will recall that Kinzinger burst into tears during the Jan. 6 hearings for no reason at all.

“Until recently, Adam Kinzinger was a forgettable, slower than average Republican congressman from suburban Illinois,” said Tucker hilariously. “At some point last year, Kinzinger had a profound personal crisis and went completely off the deep end. He started crying uncontrollably in public. He joined Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th committee.”

“Kinzinger is now the self-styled enemy of insurrectionists everywhere,” Tucker continued. “If you dare to insurrect or even think of the possibility of insurrecting, Adam Kinzinger will burst into tears and try to throw you into prison.”


Then Carlson pointed out that Kinzinger hates all insurrectionists, except for Ray Epps. “Adam Kinzinger loves Ray Epps. He spent the last 24 hours on Twitter standing up for Epps,” continued Carlson. “How strange is that?”

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Ray Epps was on video inciting riotous behavior and yet Kinzinger has been defending him publicly all over the place, including mocking fellow Republican Ted Cruz for trying to get to the bottom of why Epps wasn’t arrested. Instead, Epps was rewarded and thanked by Kinzinger for speaking to the committee. “Adam Kinzinger is talking about a man who helped stage an insurrection that Adam Kinzinger says he has devoted his life to fighting. There’s nothing normal about this,” said Carlson. “Adam Kinzinger is lying. Kinzinger is withholding information from the public. Information that the rest of us have a right to know immediately.” Carlson then invited Kinzinger to come on the show and explain himself.


Also not to be missed is Carlson’s repeated trolling of Kinzinger for crying too much. Here he is crying on a park bench.

And again in a Waffle House…

What would we do without Tucker, I ask you?


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