[WATCH] Enraged New Yorkers Tear Down Sexually Explicit 'OK Cupid' Subway Ads

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The dating site “Ok Cupid” has invested in a disturbing and bizarre ad campaign that focuses on sexual fetishes and rejecting lovers with conservative views. Because these ads are plastered all over subway cars in New York City, children are exposed to them on a regular basis. Viral video has surfaced of a woman tearing them down and admonishing other riders for sitting there and allowing the ads to pollute the public space. Others soon join her and walk through the cars while removing the offensive posters.


“It’s gross. You want kids to be looking at this? Is that okay? This is propaganda,” the woman says while tearing the signs down. “I don’t know why no one see this.”

A small sampling of the ads shows people simulating sex acts, in sexually suggestive positions, or using words that would lead a child down a very dark internet search. One ad says, “It’s okay to have strong convictions and abandon them for the night.” The political messaging is also equally disturbing. “It’s okay to choose Mr. Right based on how far he leans left.” OK Cupid also leapt at the chance to get a pro-abortion message out there. “It’s okay to choose to only date someone who’s pro-choice.” By omission, it’s clear that OK Cupid does not think it’s okay to not date someone who supports baby killing. If they really wanted to upset people, they should have made an “It’s okay to date a Trump supporter” ad, don’t you think? If they were truly interested in “all” people, why did they leave out half of America?

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It’s nice to see adults in NYC take matters into their own hands if the city can’t see that this is inappropriate for the general public. PJ Media reached out and asked OK Cupid if they deem this campaign as appropriate for the general public and when they intend to run an “It’s okay to not date a Democrat” campaign. We have received no response. If OK Cupid does respond, we will be sure to update this article.

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