First Gay Cabinet Member Richard Grenell Destroys Fake News That Pretends He Doesn't Exist

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The Democrats are determined to erase Donald Trump’s record of inclusion and pro-LGBT policies. Pink News, which parrots Democrat talking points as a matter of editorial standard, tweeted out this embarrassing piece of fiction.


The major problem here is that Richard Grenell is the first openly gay cabinet member, who served as the acting Director of National Intelligence. Donald Trump appointed him. Grenell ripped Pink News and Twitter at the same time for not fact-checking this fake news. “Why isn’t this tweet fact-checked by @Twitter?” he wrote. “Why are they so one-sided?”

Pink News knows that Pete Buttigieg would not be the first gay cabinet member, they just are hoping you wouldn’t remember what they reported in February.

Brandon Straka, the founder of the WalkAway movement that is responsible for the president doubling his LGBT support from 2016, weighed in on the fake news too.


This is how fake news works. They erase history. They report whatever they want to make their guy look good. LGBTQ Nation did it too and got caught.

Donald Trump has the title of the first American president to support gay marriage before taking office and to appoint the first openly gay cabinet member and we aren’t going to let the left forget about it.

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