'Footloose' Comes to Life in New York: Governor Cuomo Bans Dancing

("Footloose" YouTube screenshot)

Governor Cuomo has become Reverend Shaw Moore from the movie Footloose after issuing a new set of commands for New Yorkers that includes a ban on dancing. This is not a joke. Syracuse.com reported the story.


There is no dancing allowed in New York’s bars and restaurants, even at a wedding reception, according to the New York State Liquor Authority.

To control the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s liquor authority has also specifically banned darts, pool, cornhole, karaoke and exotic dancing.

Bar owners are already struggling to stay open after being shut down for months. The new rules are causing a lot of anxiety as business owners are being threatened with their licensing if they don’t comply.

The intent is to reduce the number of people congregating in bars. If you go to a bar, you must sit at a table or move along, according to the liquor authority’s guidelines.

“I don’t let people dance,” said Dan Palladino, who owns Heritage Hill Brewhouse in Pompey. “I think it’s kind of sad, but I don’t want to risk my license.”

I’ve already been to an illegal wedding where there was a lot of dancing— and they’re becoming more popular. People having weddings in New York have to hide the location until the last minute and keep all signs of partying out of sight. It’s kind of exciting in a speakeasy sort of way but also extremely stupid. You cannot keep people from living their lives. And if you try to outlaw fun, they’re just going to break those laws and do it anyway.


Not only has dancing been outlawed, but pool, darts, cornhole, and karaoke are also off-limits. How much longer do the dictators in charge really think they can keep this up? I never thought I’d see the day when Democrats became pulpit-pounding puritans keeping the kids from dancing, but here we are.

And is it necessary? It sure doesn’t seem so with coronavirus deaths plummeting all over the country. But what do we know? We just pay the bills here. Let’s all leave the hard stuff to the crooked politicians, who have been wrong about everything, to figure out. I heard someone on the radio today ask, “how much more will we take?” and the answer is “a whole lot more.” New Yorkers may be rebelling privately, but publicly they’re all on board 100% — “for our safety” — and making sure everyone knows it.

I went to Mass for the first time and people really didn’t sing! I couldn’t believe it. There is nothing that New Yorkers won’t do when told to do it. If we were told that crawling on the sidewalk would protect us from coronavirus I would expect to see a majority of people around here wearing kneepads and inching along to the grocery store.


I don’t expect that this new string of asinine directives will motivate anyone to vote against Governor Cuomo. Democrats in New York seem to hate Democrat policies yet continue to vote them into office, no matter what they do.

What we need here in New York is the spirit of Ren McCormack to take the mic.


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