[WATCH] Pro-Lifers Arrested During Sit-In at Nancy Pelosi's Office

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Pro-life protesters are mobilized for March For Life events all over the country this weekend and nine protesters were arrested on Thursday while participating in a sit-in at Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) D.C. office. The protesters say they are advocating for Pelosi to allow a bill to go to the House floor that would protect babies who survive abortions. The bill has been denied a vote by the Democratic majority eighty times.


Currently, only some states have legislation to protect a baby who survives an abortion. In states without protective legislation doctors and nurses are allowed to let the baby die from lack of medical care, even when viable. Federal legislation to stop the barbaric practice of leaving living babies to die, gasping for breath, often while medical professionals look on, would protect babies nationwide.

The protesters, dubbed “The Purple Sash Revolution,” gathered in California’s capitol wearing sashes that read “equal rights for the unborn.” The sashes signify the first-wave women’s rights movement that agitated for voting rights, including Katie Stanton, who was pro-life, like most of the suffragettes of the early equal rights movement. The Stanton Public Policy Center organized the event.

A speaker at the event called Pelosi out for her fake Catholic persona: “Nancy Pelosi, who says she’s a practicing Catholic…well, she’s been practicing for way too long, I would say. You can’t be a Catholic and support abortion killing. You can’t. We’re here to call on Nancy Pelosi to bring this to a vote and pass it and once and for all end infanticide in America.”


The protesters prayed openly for the end of abortion in America before they were thrown out of Pelosi’s office, nine in handcuffs.

Watch below:

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