The Left's War on Childhood Collides with TDS in the Wake of Trump's 'Lisa' Speech

"Lil Miss Hot Mess" reads to children during the Feminist Press' presentation of Drag Queen Story Hour at the Park Slope Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Rush Limbaugh used to have a running gag about who you would be most comfortable leaving your teen daughter alone in a hotel room with—him or any Democrat. It was a long time ago, so I may have it slightly off, but I remember laughing uproariously because no one he could name on the other side was anyone you would want anywhere near your daughter: Barney Frank (aka “Nipples” the D.C. pimp), Bill Clinton (intern deflowerer), Dick Morris (toe sucker), and any number of degenerate people the left holds up as experts and role models. Even back then, over twenty years ago, we all knew that sexual depravity ran (and still does run) Washington, D.C.

Republicans aren’t immune, of course (Dennis Hastert, kiddie-diddler and others), but generally speaking, the sexual grossness is only publicly defended by the Democrat side of the aisle. They are the ones intent on pushing what was once considered adult-only material into the sphere of children. They openly advocate for x-rated material to be presented to children under the guise of education.

There has been a concerted effort by Democrats to sexualize children, inserting disgusting sex-education courses into federally mandated curricula for kindergarten that introduce anal and oral sex to kids who just got out of diapers. They are degenerate people without any morals, except those of self-pleasure and debauchery, who think they have a right to corrupt the nation’s youth in their sexual experimentations. Republicans, while having plenty of degenerates in their ranks, at least fight against this kind of cultural garbage. How we keep losing, though, is a mystery. Do Americans really want these gross sex-ed programs and Drag Queen Story Hours invading childhood?

The strange part about the left’s war on children, however, is that it is now intersecting with their war on Donald Trump in ways that boggle the mind. The same people who want us to teach five-year-olds how to masturbate claim that Donald Trump is inappropriate for children. The perfect example is B-list actress Alyssa Milano, who has made many movies with graphic sex scenes where she acted out orgasms for money, lecturing us on what’s okay for children to hear and see.

Milano took to Twitter to complain about Donald Trump’s playful mocking of the infamous affair of FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. Let’s start with the moment that started the suddenly-puritanical soft-porn actress pearl-clutching and gasping, “Well, I never!” Page claimed that Trump faked a climax during this moment at a rally and Milano is thoroughly scandalized:

“Peter, oh, I love you so much,” the president jabbed. “I love you, Peter! I love you too, Lisa… oh God, I love you, Lisa.” There was no panting, no gross noises, just the president doing what the president does: funny impressions of his enemies caught in an embarrassing extramarital affair. If that was supposed to be a Meg-Ryan-in-the-cafe-moment, it makes you wonder what the people who thought that are enduring in the bedroom. Unlike the graphic scenes Alyssa Milano filmed during her Hollywood days, this playful reenactment of a sordid affair was decidedly G-rated.

Despite video evidence of her taking her clothes off and writhing and moaning in actual sex scenes, Milano took the opportunity to declare that she had to chase her child out of the room, lest his ears be molested by Trump’s jokes about the amorous FBI co-conspirators.

“I just had to chase my 8 year old son out of the room while the news was playing the Trump ‘Lisa’ speech,” she tweeted.

One wonders if Milano owns a copy of Poison Ivy 2 somewhere where her child could accidentally pop it in the DVD player to check out Mommy’s work. I won’t scandalize you with stills, but you can find the scenes easily enough on YouTube if you want. One reviewer wrote, “The worst film in the collection, the straight-to-video Poison Ivy 2: Lily (1996) stars Alyssa Milano as Lily, a virginal art student who moves to California and discovers that — gasp! — they have sex out there (apparently, they don’t back home in Michigan).” The trailer is safe-ish.

Audiences didn’t like it much more than the professional critics. One Rotten Tomatoes reviewer called it “lurid and tasteless,” which is an understatement. Some industrious person should insert Milano’s audio from those scenes over Trump’s story about lovebirds Lisa and Peter. Now THAT would be inappropriate.

Commenters on Twitter have not let her get away with this garbage easily. It’s an entertaining read if you have time, but none so good as Chris Yates, who tweeted: “Simple fix. Turn the TV off, get in the car, and take him to the nearest drag queen story hour. Much more wholesome & appropriate content. Hell, may get a free flash before the book is finished…”

Perfect. Let’s not let the left lecture us on what’s appropriate for children, shall we?

But the two Democrat talking points are completely incompatible: 1. Donald Trump says gross things in front of children and embarrasses us as a nation by being vulgar, and 2. Children are sexual beings who should be taught as soon as possible how to have orgasms and taught more sexual tricks than a Vegas hooker before the age of nine. Which is it, folks? You cannot in a sane world hold two such conflicting views. If you are rushing to cover the ears of a child who may hear “I love you, Lisa,” while also handing the same child a dildo and some lube, you might be a psychopath.

This is not the philosophy of logical geniuses, but the bizarre ravings of insane people with no boundaries or grasp on reality—who should be heavily medicated if not locked up. Milano’s complaints about protecting her children are not real. This is a woman using her children to pretend to be affronted by the president to suit her political goal of the moment. If she is truly concerned about children and sexual influences that are not healthy, she should have her movies pulled off the shelves. She should march against Drag Queen Story Hours, where children are being exposed to men dressed as streetwalkers while twerking and grinding. She should be standing up for girls who don’t want to see male genitalia in their locker rooms if she’s worried about misogyny.

Think about that. The left, which claims to be for “women’s rights” and the #MeToo movement, agitates for “consent” in all situations but refuses to hear the “NO” coming from biological girls and women who do not want men with penises in their sex-segregated spaces. That’s the worst misogyny anyone has ever seen going on with the consent of people who claim to own the women’s movement. There is so much cognitive dissonance on the left I wonder how any of them keep a straight story at this point.

All I want for Christmas is for the American people, who actually care about children, to stand up to these debased charlatans and chase them off every school board, out of every public place where they have control over our kids, and send them back to the seedy side of town with the adult book stores, where they belong. Is that too much to ask?


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