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We Are Not Doing Our Kids Any Favors by Teaching Them to Be Sexual Degenerates

A person pulling a condom out of their pocket

Planned Parenthood, along with far-left organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and SIECUS are determined to make your 10-year-old more sexually aware than a 45-year-old porn actor. (Some of their "educators" may actually be 45-year-old porn actors.) Kids are facing two immediate problems: bullying and technology woes that lead to isolation and rage, and over-sexualization by educators who should know better. This is clearly our fault. We are the adults. And somehow, we adults allowed maniacs and perverts to take over what our children learn about sexuality. It's time for the adults to put a stop to it.

Using tech responsibly with restraint is something that must be learned. Handing a smartphone to an 8-year-old and saying "have fun!" is not an option. Two of my children, ages 12 and 8, are in the midst of facing technology dangers. It is a world filled with landmines for parents. I am not ashamed to say I need help. In talking with a friend with similarly aged girls, we both discovered how much we approve of slime videos but have banned pranks and Truth or Dare videos (that bring us the Tide Pod challenge and snorting condoms). You can't keep kids off technology totally. Technology is great, until it isn't, and learning how to self-police is a Herculean task. I have no idea how to do it (sorry if you were looking for answers). But I do know that it's going to take parents working together and sharing information when they find it. In our house, we limit screen time during the week but let up on the weekends (during winter) as long as chores are done. But when I see information like the Facebook post below, I want to pull the plug and go Amish.

These apps are being used by kids to hide pornography, spread rumors and torment others, chat with strangers, hook up for sex, and more. I looked up all of these apps and did not find Calculator%, Omegle, or Burn Book, but the rest of them are in the App Store.


That brings us to problem number two: the over-sexualization of children in public schools by Planned Parenthood and far-left organizations that have managed to get their obscene sex programs federally funded and inserted into the schools via "anti-bullying" programs. Instead of teaching these kids how to not gossip and spread rumors and how to respect one another, they're busy teaching them to have sex with one another in every conceivable way (including all the gay stuff). It's not enough to love our gay friends and accept them; we must now participate in gay sex by letting our kids experiment with gay fringe fetishes, like rimming and other indecent and dangerous sexual practices including BDSM and asphyxiation.