Video: Candace Owens Shuts Down Sham Hearing on 'White Supremacy'

(Image via Twitter screenshot)

Candace Owens testified at a congressional hearing on white supremacy last week at which her opposition made a serious error underestimating her ability to smack down idiocy.


“White supremacy is indeed real, but despite the media’s obsessive coverage of it, it represents an isolated, uncoordinated and fringe occurrence within America,” she told lawmakers. Owens pointed out that it was “hilarious” that the panelists claiming that white supremacy is a growing threat did not provide statistics to back that up. That’s when Kathleen Belew, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago who studies white nationalism, stepped in it and attempted to smear Owens. “I object strenuously to your use of the word hilarious. To me this feels a lot like your reaction to being named in one of these manifestos,” she said, referring to the Christchurch massacre where Owens was named in the murderer’s ramblings.

Owens’ response should not be missed. It was epic. Watch below.


Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; the death of due process from Salome to #MeToo” and “Shut Up! The Bizarre War that One Public Library Waged Against the First Amendment. Follow her @MeganFoxWriter on Twitter.



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