BBC Goons Go Door-to-Door Demanding 'TV License' Fees to Pay for Their Biased News

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Imagine that agents from CNN showed up on your doorstep regularly demanding access to your home to check if you were receiving live television without a government-mandated TV license. That’s the reality in Britain with the BBC, which makes over five billion pounds ($6.6B US) a year off the licensing fees of citizens. According to numbers, that’s 75 percent of the BBC’s annual income. Daily Mail:


Ruthless and underhand tactics used by BBC licence fee agents can be exposed today.

Under an aggressive incentive scheme, hundreds of enforcement officers have orders to each catch 28 evaders a week.

Bosses promise bonuses of up to £15,000 a year, saying staff must gather evidence to take as many people to court as possible.

Homeowners who fail to pay can be fined and given criminal records.

Among the vulnerable targeted in the past seven days are a war veteran with dementia and a desperate young mother in a women’s refuge.

The obvious problem with this is that the BBC is a far cry from unbiased, attacking patriotic British citizens with as much regularity as CNN goes after kids in red hats.

The closest thing we have to this in America is the forced subsidy to National Public Radio, which even I don’t object to. NPR, in particular, does a far better job at achieving balance by attempting to tell the conservative side of things most of the time. But imagine if you had to subsidize MSNBC so Rachel Maddow could profit from the people she hates every night in surround sound!

This is the state of things for our brethren over the pond. The BBC has been found participating in some horrific things, the worst of which is covering for pedophile Jimmy Savile, as reported by The Telegraph.

More than 100 BBC staff – including some of the corporation’s biggest names – were aware of rumours about Jimmy Savile’s sexual misdemeanours, yet none of them reported the claims, an independent report has found.

Dame Janet Smith, a retired judge who has spent nearly three years examining Savile’s activities at the BBC, concluded that the presenter sexually assaulted 72 victims while working for the corporation, including boys and girls as young as eight.


Beyond the cowardice in the face of pedophilia, the BBC regularly attacks patriotic citizens who want to practice their right to speak freely about the Islamic takeover of their country. Instead of presenting opposition arguments about why mass immigration is bad for Britain in terms of rape gangs, cultural upheaval, no-go zones, and the rise of Sharia and terror attacks, the BBC regularly presents any dissent as “racist” and paints regular British citizens worried about their culture as “Nazis.” They actively support the silencing and deplatforming of alternative voices. This was widely demonstrated by Tommy Robinson recently in a documentary called “Panodrama,” about the extreme bias of the BBC. This documentary is the best exposure of fake news yet. Predictably, as a response, the establishment is trying to erase Robinson from the internet including banning him from Twitter, Facebook, and PayPal — and deplatforming his website and banning his book from Amazon. What could he have to say that’s so dangerous?

Forcing the citizens to pay to be smeared is a step too far and the British are fighting back. There is an entire YouTube channel, “Ban the BBC,” dedicated to showing the British people how to assert their rights against TV licensing goons going door to door trying to collect money and invading private property without a warrant. The videos of regular people denying entry to agents is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, like Monty Python in real life. No one delivers an insult like a Brit. In the following video, one of the greatest lines a citizen unleashes on an agent (around the 2:00 mark) is, “I want nothing to do with your pedophile ring, mate.” It’s uplifting to watch the British people fight back against their nanny state and corrupt media. Maybe all hope is not lost.




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