Dilbert Creator Calls for Execution of Chinese Drug Execs after Son's Tragic Fentanyl Death

Dilbert creator and Periscope sensation Scott Adams announced on Tuesday that he lost his stepson to drug overdose yesterday in an emotional broadcast. Adams raised Justin from the time he was two with his ex-wife, Justin’s mother.


“Yesterday I got a call right after the 911 alert from my ex-wife who told me that my stepson, the little boy that I raised from the age of two, was dead,” said Adams. “He died last night… in his bed from what appears to be a fentanyl overdose. The coroners found a fentanyl patch on his arm.”

Adams held back tears and was choked up while he revealed the tragic story of his son’s addiction. “He was in a bad accident when he was 14… and he had a behavior change after the accident. He sort of lost his ability to make good decisions… he lost his impulse control. He lost his fear.”

Adams began his broadcast by citing a statistic: 75,000 Americans die every year from a drug overdose and the number one killer is fentanyl. In 2017 the New York Times reported that Fentanyl deaths had risen by 540 percent in three years.

We’ve known for a while that fentanyls were behind the growing count of drug deaths in some states and counties. But now we can see the extent to which this is true nationally, as deaths involving synthetic opioids, mostly fentanyls, have risen to more than 20,000 from 3,000 in just three years.

“That may not have been the actual thing that killed him,” continued Adams. “It could be that he was also trying to get Xanax… Xanax is mostly counterfeit.” Adams explained that the Xanax obtained by addicts is mostly fake and contains fentanyl. “There’s a fairly good likelihood that my stepson, Justin, got two doses of Fentanyl yesterday.” These “fake” drugs containing fentanyl are deadly and have been linked to the deaths of Prince, Tom Petty, and Michael Jackson. The United States government is aware of the deadly infiltration of Chinese drugs.


President Trump has declared the opioid crisis in America a “national public health emergency” and promised to take steps to stop the flow of these drugs into the country. His administration has been pursuing the Chinese drug dealers specifically.

A major bust was made this year in Mississippi that led to the indictment of Chinese citizen Yan Xiaobing, as reported by Bloomberg.

Federal prosecutors in Mississippi charged Yan, 41, in September with leading an empire built on the manufacture and sale of drugs related to fentanyl, one of the world’s deadliest and most profitable narcotics. So strong that it’s been studied as a chemical weapon, the drug has saturated American streets with breathtaking speed: It kills more people than any other opioid, including prescription pills and heroin, because it’s so easy to overdose. Authorities say they have linked Yan and his 9W Technology Co. to more than 100 distributors across the U.S. and at least 20 other countries. Investigators expect scores of arrests as they dismantle his alleged network.

During the investigation into Yan, it was discovered that American drug dealers are getting drug shipments via UPS.

Using the alias William Zhou, Yan confirmed the shipment with a tracking number. “UPS is the fastest way to USA, we have tried our best to send it quickly and charge no extra fee,” he wrote. A similar compound, he wrote, “is just out of stock, the new batch will be ready tonight, so we will send it tomorrow. Since September, the purchase amount are soaring, so we will increase human power and equipment to expand the production capacity.”


Adams called for the execution of the Chinese executives of the pharmaceutical companies making these drugs.

“Fentanyl, mostly from China, I understand, probably killed my son yesterday,” said Adams. “If we the U.S. know which Chinese executives are behind this… I would like to call for their execution.” Adams’ anger and grief were apparent. But what he has called for isn’t unheard of to the Chinese. “In China, if you mess up,” he continued “they’ll actually just take you out and kill you. I’m not sure they have due process.”

China has executed executives responsible for harming consumers, most notably when tainted Chinese baby formula killed six and maimed hundreds of thousands of babies.

“I would like to offer to China and President Xi, to give him first chance to take care of the problem himself,” Adams said. “If you don’t, I think we can hold China responsible for perhaps 30,000 deaths a year in this country. In a very real way, we are at war with China.” Adams then emphatically called for action from the Chinese president or the CIA. “I’m calling for the death of the executives of those Chinese companies who we believe aren’t doing enough. I’m pretty sure we know how to kill people without getting caught. Those folks who may be directly or indirectly responsible for the death of my stepson,” continued Adams, “I’d like to see you die and I’ll see what I can do to make that happen.”






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