Hollywood Actors Who Condemn Trump but Were Silent on Weinstein

Ashley Judd at the Divergent Premiere Red Carpet at the Regency Bruin Theatre in Westwood, CA. back in 2014

Ashley Judd is the absolute worst.

I want to like her, I really do. Sometimes she chooses a good cause, like speaking up for trafficked and abused children. Those are the activities she should stick to. Unfortunately, Judd had to go to the “Women’s March,” where hundreds of thousands of women wore pink “pussy” hats while claiming to be upset that Trump had used that word once. She performed ridiculous slam poetry, screeching defamatory accusations about the president wanting to have sex with his daughter and about other terrible things about which she had no first-hand knowledge. (You can watch the video below if you have the stomach for it.)


But at no time did she ever discuss a man who she did know did horrific things. No “by the way, Harvey Weinstein is a dirtbag who tried to get me to watch him shower for a part.” Why didn’t that come up?

I find it very difficult to believe Judd is this angry at Donald Trump, a man who has never done anything to her, or provably to anybody, when there is a man who did do something horrible to her whom she could be screeching about. She needs therapy. And possibly tranquilizers.


Jennifer Lawrence was recently interviewed for her epic fail of a movie, Mother, and gave Democratic talking points like “equality for women in the workplace,” blamed Trump for hurricanes, and rattled off the same tired Leftist arguments we’ve heard forever. During another interview, she claimed that she is terrified of Trump and wanted to make a video of herself saying “F*** you!” to him.

Lawrence claimed she felt she could be a spokesperson for women who are underpaid:

I felt like I had a voice, people look at me and listen to me, and to not say anything, that’s never sat well with me.

That seems disingenuous, because she kept quiet about the creepy mogul who everyone in Hollywood appears to have known was abusing women. Why stay quiet over that? Don’t you have a responsibility to alert other women that there is a serial sexual predator in their midst? Lawrence hasn’t alleged any harassment from Weinstein, although she is seen looking awkward in many photos with him while he holds her too close to his massive girth. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had first-hand knowledge of his depravity.


Gwyneth Paltrow is the most apolitical in this list. While she supported Obama, she never had anything more interesting to say beyond how handsome she thinks he is. Mostly she spends her life divorcing people and selling outrageously priced trinkets to rich women online. While she doesn’t fit in the category of commenting on Trump, she bears much responsibility in this scandal.

Paltrow is the daughter of two Hollywood heavyweights. Her mother Blythe Danner is a well-known actress, and her father was the well-known director and screenwriter Bruce Paltrow. She was protected — when Weinstein came on to her, she could have gone public because nothing he could have done would have harmed her career. She is Hollywood royalty. Even in her account of the story, Weinstein was worried she would say something.

(Sidenote: I have to note that Brad Pitt, whom she was dating at the time, threatened Weinstein with retribution if he ever touched her again — as if Brad Pitt needs things to make him even more swoon-worthy.)

Angelina Jolie penned a letter to the New York Times slamming Trump’s travel ban because she claimed refugees were victims of terrorism. At the same time, she knew Harvey Weinstein was terrorizing young women trying to make it in the business — but she said nothing.


Like Paltrow, she is also Hollywood royalty. The daughter of the very well-known Jon Voight should not have been scared into silence by a creep like Weinstein. If either Jolie or Paltrow had come forward, especially together, Weinstein could have been fired years ago. Instead they stayed quiet — and allowed him to prey on women who didn’t have the luxury of saying “no.”

Speaking of Brad Pitt, I take back what I said about him being swoon-worthy. Weinstein abused not one but TWO of his girlfriends — one of whom became his wife — and he didn’t punch him out? That makes Pitt complicit, because the women he claimed to love were groped by a serial abuser, and the sexiest guy on Earth didn’t take action. That’s not sexy at all.

George Clooney basically admitted he knew and he’s complicit:

I suppose the argument would be that it’s not just about Hollywood, but about all of us — that every time you see someone using their power and influence to take advantage of someone without power and influence and you don’t speak up, you’re complicit. And there’s no question about that.

Well, thanks for admitting that, George. You suck. Clooney has never shied away from an opportunity to bash Trump. But why just focus on Trump? Apparently he was aware a monster in his midst was preying on young actresses, and we are supposed to think of George Clooney as some kind of do-gooder? I don’t think so. Seems like just another lech to me.


Matt Damon deserves the last spot on the list for being one of the most self-righteous hypocritical turds in Hollywood.

He spouts off constantly about things he shouldn’t. His anti-school choice film denounced charter schools and lauded public schools, because his mother was a public school teacher. Except Damon’s kids don’t go to public school. They go to a private school. Public school is for your kids, not his.

He also never misses a chance to trash Trump, calling him “absolutely abhorent” in The Hollywood Reporter. He did not, however, also tell the interviewer that Harvey Weinstein once asked him to call a reporter to kill a story about sexual harassment.

Damon denies that he knew what the story was about. The whole thing is highly suspicious. To quote from his ridiculous speech at MIT:

It was theft, and you knew it. It was fraud, and you knew it. And you know what else? We know that you knew it!


People who live in glass houses shouldn’t have thrown all those stones. Hollywood is finally being exposed for its hypocrisy.


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