Forget About Divorce. Don't Marry a Hillary Supporter in the First Place

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Harper’s Bazaar magazine came out with a highly offensive article called “If You Are Married To A Trump Supporter Divorce Them” and it wasn’t click bait. That was their actual advice.


If your partner is a Trump supporter and you are not, just divorce them….You do not need to try to make it work with someone who thinks of people as “illegals.” Just divorce them.

Forget that “death do us part” nonsense.

But the most offensive thing about this article wasn’t the bad marriage advice or even the part where the author claimed that conservatives support and encourage police brutality, but the outrageous notion that Trump supporters would be married to such idiots in the first place. Not the Trump supporters I know!

Everyone I know who voted for Trump voted in couples. One of the reasons is because most conservative people would never dream of being so unequally yoked. We tend to make those important decisions while dating. I’ll never forget the time I found out a boyfriend of mine was a raging lefty. We had been dating a couple of months and things were great! He was a great cook, thoughtful, kind, successful, a good kisser, tall, dark, and handsome. While out one night we discovered that the other had the exact opposite political beliefs on everything. The rest of the car ride was awkward. It was a friendly breakup. We never saw each other again.


My husband has a similar story, although he figured it out much faster. He had dinner with a girl one night who decided it was a good idea to tell him that if he ever got her pregnant she’d abort his baby — on a first date!. He left her sitting and staring after him while he ran for it, no longer hungry and losing faith in humanity.

It’s not a good idea to marry someone who doesn’t share your values. But if you marry someone whose political views are opposite yours, you knew that before you married him or her. You literally signed a contract saying you would work it out. There is very little chance that you married a lefty and she woke up in 2017 and decided she was a Trump-loving conservative. That didn’t happen. (And if it did, your political philosophy demands that you accept that person for who they believe themselves to be inside.) And if you didn’t know your spouse’s political philosophy before marriage, you’re a moron.

I often wonder how I would handle being married to a Democrat. But that’s like wondering how I would live in an atmosphere made up of carbon monoxide —I couldn’t. The way to ensure that you aren’t stuck for life with someone who isn’t compatible with you isn’t to divorce him, but not to marry him in the first place!


If you are dating, do yourself a favor and go over the important questions before you pull the trigger. Here’s a quick set of questions all couples should ask one another before committing.

  1. Do you believe a country has a right to protect its borders?
  2. When does life begin? Who has the right to take life?
  3. How does a government best function?
  4. If someone needs help, is it right to force the guy next to you to help him or should help always be voluntarily given?
  5. Is the First Amendment important and why?
  6. Should law-abiding citizens be allowed to have guns or should the only people with guns be police and military?

I would expect that by the time you get to number three, you’ll know all you need to know about your prospective mate. If you can’t agree on four out of six of these things, throw in the towel and keep looking. Avoid divorce. Date smarter.


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