Clinton Attack Ad Using Trump's Words Has Parents Jumping for the Remote

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My Chicago Cubs were in Game 7 of the World Series and my family was gathered around the big screen in the living room, huddled up for the best and most stressful baseball game ever. My oldest daughter was wearing her great grandfather’s rally cap, the one he wore when he worked at Wrigley Field. We are long-suffering Cubs fans. Baseball has always been a family tradition, no matter which team you cheer on, and so it should be no surprise that children all over Chicagoland (and probably the nation) were up late watching history unfold with their parents.


Imagine my anger and outrage when Hillary Clinton unveiled her special World Series ad buy with this commercial.

So, let me get this straight. In the interest of protecting children from Donald Trump’s crude comments, Hillary Clinton cobbled together all the worst rude comments she could find (out of context) and put them in a commercial sure to be seen by American children everywhere. I was jumping for the remote and telling my children to cover their ears to avoid hearing things I had successfully kept from them this entire election season. Politics isn’t for children. My kids hadn’t heard any of the down and dirty political fighting until Hillary Clinton cued it up for them during their family time with mom and dad. Thanks a heap, Hillary.

Did she think that was going to make anyone more likely to vote for her? Really? Yes, Trump has said off color things. He wasn’t addressing a room full of children when he said them. And I’m pretty sure when he becomes president he isn’t going to be making comments like that when addressing the nation’s children. So far, the only candidate in this election who targeted my children with inappropriate commentary was Hillary Clinton.


While trying to paint Trump as a poor role model for children, Clinton used children as political pawns—in front of the nation’s children. The use of the kids in the commercial is exploitive at best and reminiscent of insurgents’ use of children as human shields at worst. Is there anything more distasteful than politicians using children to harm an enemy? Gross.

But even more disturbing than using angelic faces to trash your opponent, Hillary Clinton is the worst role model of all! This is a woman who lies constantly, cheated a beloved old man out of the Democratic nomination, and charged foreign countries for influence in our State Department, among other (some yet unknown) things. She’s married to a serial sexual assault artist and covers for his crimes. She is besties with a woman connected to radical Islam who is married to another serial sexual predator—and Clinton knew it months ago!  That point alone should disqualify her from being the authority on what’s good for children. She thumbs her nose at our laws, stacks our departments with sycophants ready to do her bidding and keep her out of jail (regardless of what she does), votes to start wars and laughs about the destruction she causes—and doesn’t even have the decency to appear sorry she has destroyed Americans’ faith in their institutions.


All that ad did was make me angrier at Hillary Clinton’s disregard for my children and basic decency. If she really cared about my children, she wouldn’t have tried to scandalize and corrupt them during the World Series.


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