10 Politically Charged Costumes for Halloween 2016

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It’s the election year that won’t end and it is the the most contentious one I’ve ever seen. Why not have fun with it on Halloween and get into the partisan spirit? Here are some Halloween costume suggestions that can help you do just that:


10. A Basket of Deplorables

So far, this is the most memorable phrase to come out of the 2016 presidential race. It was part of a remark uttered by Hillary Clinton at a fancy fundraiser she attended somewhere. She called half of the people not voting for her racist, sexist, xenophobes that could fill up “a basket of deplorables.”

9. Harambe the Gorilla (that people won’t stop talking about)

He’s this year’s Cecil the Lion, an animal mourned in pop culture to a staggering degree never afforded to any human (especially human children ripped out of the womb every day). The fuss and Festival of Grief surrounding Harambe became ubiquitous for far too long. No zoo animal should have what amounts to a state funeral. Some variation of Harambe the Gorilla would definitely be a hit at any Halloween party because he’s so recognizable.


8. Brexit

Great Britain asserting its independence from the EU was one of the truly pivotal moments of 2016, so something British would be fun to add into the costume mix. Brexit was all about the British people asserting their right to stay British and not be ruled by globalists in Brussels. Find a way to celebrate that defiance and resilience.


7. Pokemon Catchers & Creatures

This is a fun family or couple costume idea. One person can be a Pokemon catcher and the other person (or people) can be the cute little Pokemon creatures. Or, your teens can just wander around the neighborhood looking at their phones and bumping into things and making everyone mad. Everyone will get it.



6. Hillary’s Body Double

After Hillary collapsed on 9/11 and was dragged into a waiting van like a kidnapping victim, she emerged a short time later looking like a totally different person, 30 lbs. lighter, fewer wrinkles, and a decidedly springier step. This led the internet to freak out wondering if she had been replaced, Hollywood style, by an actor. A couple could go as Hillary and Hillary’s body double together; one hunched over and falling down and coughing and the other thinner, younger and hugging small children while exposing them to pneumonia.


5. Any SJW of Your Choice

The year of the Occupy Wall Street movement, I went to a party as a 99 percenter. I didn’t shower for a few days and I carried a sign that said “I can’t find a job and I have three degrees in Womyn’s Studies, I am the 99%.” In 2016 those same idiots are spreading the same lies. There are so many examples to choose from. You could go as a SJW hoaxer who has spray painted the “n” word all over herself while carrying the spray paint can, or the LGBTQID10TS who poured a bottle of urine over gay books in a library and blamed “homophobes” (although generally, I would avoid costumes that require urine in jars). Black Lives Matter activists who tear up black neighborhoods and beat up white people are also fair game, just don’t even think about darkening your skin or be prepared to have to change your name, leave the country and live with Edward Snowden.


4. The Reagans

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the ’80s are back. I just bought my kid neon high tops. Oh yeah! And with all the nostalgia from ’80s fashion brought to us by Gen X, there’s a lot of nostalgia for the Gipper too. This is a costume that needs to make a comeback to remind Americans of the time when we didn’t buy into the lie that higher taxes meant jobs, that big government was friendly, and that only lifetime politicians can be president.

Image Courtesy of Amazon.com

Image Courtesy of Amazon.com

3. Notorious RBG

Ruth Bader Ginsburg really embarrassed herself earlier this year when she broke a major Supreme Court taboo and interfered in the presidential race. I think this woman is an absolute, disgraced clown. Dressing up like her would be very simple: a long black judge’s robe, some kind of gavel, a gray wig, and glasses. Just walk around the party saying stupid things and meddling where you don’t belong. If someone doesn’t know who “The Notorious RBG” is, just tell them you are Whistler’s Mother. They won’t know who that is either, of course, but they will probably just smile and then excuse themselves to use the bathroom or something.


2. Transgendered Something or Other

Since gender fluidity and/or confusion is currently all the rage, dress up for Halloween as a transgendered something. It doesn’t matter what. Or go as all 57 genders, or however many there are or will be by the time we get to Halloween. Someone, somewhere, decided that transgendered bathroom issues would be the most pressing and important issue of 2016, so some kind of transgendered bathroom plumber or gender fluid washroom attendant should be the hit of every party. People just can’t seem to get enough of talking about transgendered potty breaks, so go with the flow in some way here.


1.  Donald J. Trump

I am personally considering dressing my 2-year-old son as Trump this year because his hair is nearly identical in color and bounty. This is a great costume for kids because they probably already have a suit and a strawberry blonde wig can’t be hard to find. Just make sure you’ve got your iPhone at the ready in case any of the neighbors start castigating him. (Although it’s more likely they’ll want to take selfies with him.)



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