It Just Got Harder for Democrats to Steal Michigan in November

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Michigan is a must-win state for Joe Biden. Currently, Donald Trump appears to be performing well in the sun belt, and assuming he sweeps Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia, all he needs is one Great Lakes state to win. Currently, he has small leads in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Every vote will count in these states, and if the past is any indicator — which it usually is — Democrats will stop at nothing to keep these states in their column. 


We know they're not above shenanigans, so when a Michigan judge ruled in favor of a lawsuit against Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and her ridiculous guidance on signature verification of absentee ballots this week, it was a big deal.

Benson has been at the center of a firestorm over election integrity in Michigan for years. In 2021, she first instructed election officials to presume, rather than verify, signatures on absentee ballots for the 2022 elections — a move that sparked immediate legal pushback from the Michigan Republican Party. Their challenge succeeded, and the courts deemed Benson's directive illegal, ruling that election officials did have to verify ballot signatures. She didn't learn her lesson, though, because Benson was at it again in December 2023, quietly reinstating the controversial policy behind closed doors. 

Her directive swiftly drew legal action from the Republican National Committee, the Michigan Republican Party, and the National Republican Congressional Committee. Michigan Court of Claims Judge Christopher Yates subsequently ruled that such an "initial presumption" of validity in signature verification of absentee ballot applications and envelopes violated the Constitution and Michigan state laws.


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“This RNC legal victory confirms the importance of mail ballot safeguards in Michigan’s Constitution. The Secretary of State’s covert attempts to sidestep these rules were rightfully rejected by the court, exposing that her attacks on election integrity have no substance," RNC Chairman Michael Whatley said in a statement on Thursday. "This win is just the latest development in our ongoing fight to promote fair and transparent elections in the Great Lakes State.” 

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Pete Hoekstra blasted Benson for selectively enforcing the law.

“Secretary of State Benson cannot pick and choose which elections laws to enforce and which to ignore," he said. "The signatures of absentee ballot voters have to and should be verified – it's common sense. Michigan is crucial to the pathway to victory in November. We must protect and enforce all our election laws to maintain confidence in our system.” 

Benson's brazen actions reveal the lengths to which Democrats are willing to go to manipulate elections — particularly in battleground states. Benson's directive shows a blatant disregard for election integrity. The fact that she attempted it twice despite court rulings against her shows that they will always keep trying to get away with stealing elections, and we can't let our guard down just because the courts rule against them.



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