James Carville Goes Nuclear on the Radical Woke Left

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During an appearance on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast on Monday, famed Democrat strategist James Carville described the “identity left” as “goofy” and blamed “overeducated, cultural, white liberals” for ruining everything.


“I find the left to be just annoying,” Carville said before describing the “Western far left” as “habitually the most stupid, naive people you can imagine. They come up with these goofy constructs.”

Very true. But I should note that as much this makes Carville sound reasoned, much of the conversation between Maher and Carville was pure leftist drivel. At one point, Carville claimed that “not all Trump supporters are racist, but all racists are Trump supporters,” and Maher admitted he still believes in the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

While discussing the 2024 election, Maher said that he believes Biden is going to lose to Trump and that the party should nominate a different candidate. That’s when Carville explained what he believes to be the biggest problem facing the Democratic Party.

“The problem is, of the Democratic Party, the percent of Democrats — and we know this over a few general polls … about 10 or 11% of Democrats describe themselves as ‘progressive liberal,’ whatever that means. It’s a very — this is survey after survey,” Carville said. “And these people are annoying, silly… but they come to you because you live here, you work in entertainment… the identity left is all around you. You know, most people don’t even know what they’re talking about. But by the way, the number of MAGA people is 65% or so. We pay a greater price for 10% of our party than they pay for 65% of that party.”

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I don’t know where Carville is getting his numbers, but I can tell you that the radical wing of the party is far more than 10% and isn’t just limited to the issue of identity politics. As I’ve noted in past columns, the Democratic Party is way out on the fringe on issues like abortion, crime, and transgender issues. So let’s not pretend that only 10% of the party is crazy. It’s much, much more than that.

“The identity, identity left are silly,” Carville said. “They’re not evil; they’re just goofy. The original word ‘woke’ — and I did some research on this — the first time that people think it came up was a black jazz musician who was born around Shreveport [and] died in a jail in Houston. And the word was to denote that black people need to be ‘woke’ in their interactions with police, which seemed like a good idea,” Carville said. “And then what happened was overeducated, cultural, white people got a hold to [sic] the word and as they do everything else, they completely f****d it up and pissed everybody in the country off.”

While it’s comforting to see people like Maher and Carville rip on the woke left, they grossly underestimate how much of their party is made up of the crazies.



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