Canadian Politician Wants to Criminalize 'Offensive Remarks' Near Drag Queen Story Hours

(Scott Threlkeld/The Advocate via AP)

On Tuesday, the Ontario NDP (New Democratic Party) called on the government to establish community safety zones to safeguard drag artists and LGBTQ communities from harassment and intimidation during their performances.


According to Kristyn Wong-Tam, who is introducing a private member’s bill, 100-meter safety zones around drag show venues are necessary because drag performances have been the subject of organized protests in both the United States and Canada.

“The topic that brings us here is deadly serious,” she said at a press conference. “The rise of hate and violence facing the 2SLGBTQI+ communities, including the drag artists, happening across Ontario and right (across) the nation has been alarming.”

I don’t even want to guess what “2SLGBTQI+” is supposed to mean, and by the time you’ve finished this article, there may be one or two more letters added to it, so I won’t even bother looking it up. Heck, even Wong-Tam appeared to struggle to get the acronym correct during her press conference.

So what does this legislation she’s proposing do? According to Wong-Tam, amongst other things, “it enables the Attorney General to create a 2SLGBTQI+ community safety zone to prohibit within 100 meters [330 feet] of the property any homophobic, transphobic act of intimidation, threat, offensive threats, offensive remarks, protest, disturbance, and distribution of hate propaganda within the meaning of the Criminal Code.”

Offensive remarks? What’s an “offensive remark?” That’s a rather subjective standard when it comes to criminalizing behavior or speech. And what exactly is Wong-Tam proposing for those who make “offensive remarks” exactly? If you dare to say the wrong thing in this 330-foot safe space surrounding a Drag Queen Story Hour, you will be subject to “a penalty of $25,000 If prosecuted successfully.”


So what would this mean in practical terms? If you’re within 100 meters (330 feet) of a Drag Queen Story Hour event, and you say, “I think this is inappropriate for children,” you might offend somebody, and you’ll be prosecuted and face a $25,000 fine. But what if you’re a parent, and you find out your child has been brought to the event and you want to remove them? Would you also be subject to a $25,000 fine for not wanting your child to be exposed to this depravity? When you criminalize something that is subjective, anything is possible.

Make no mistake about it, something like this will be coming to America if it hasn’t started already. Radical leftists who ascribe to radical gender theory are desperately clinging to every avenue they have to groom your children into the LGBTQ cult.


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