Covid Can’t Keep Me Down

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Well, it finally happened. A couple of weeks ago, I tested positive for COVID-19. After I had managed to go roughly three years without officially contracting it, the Covid virus finally caught up to me. It was probably inevitable, as I suspect everyone will be exposed to it and catch in eventually.


I’ve seen lots of people from all walks of life share a positive COVID diagnosis on social media, and it’s often met with sadness and fear. Not me. I was sick, yes, but I knew I’d make it through it. It’s hard to write about COVID for three years without picking up a significant amount of data.

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How’s it going it? Well, it’s been rough at times. On the last Sunday of February, I spent pretty much the entire day in bed. In fact, I didn’t write anything here at PJ Media the entire day. I just couldn’t do it. Ever since, it’s been a bit of a struggle to have the energy to write as much as I had before. That was the toughest part. But, I’ve slowly been getting better, cycling through almost every possible cold symptom there is, from headaches to a really bad sore throat to congestion, fevers — you name it. I barely had an appetite, and through the first week or so, I lost seven pounds — which is probably the only thing I can’t complain about.

As I said, not writing (or writing less) at PJ Media has been the most difficult part of my recovery. Writing daily has become a lifestyle for me, and not being able to write at my usual pace has been a struggle. Before I started reporting at PJ Media, I was in architecture, and I wasn’t in love with the work. Since I’ve been with PJ Media, I feel like I’m doing something important: we’re defending our country from internal forces that want to destroy it, and we’re holding the media accountable.


Writing for PJMedia not only gave me work to be proud of, but it also gave me a special community to be a part of. Even if you live in a red state, it can be easy to feel surrounded by leftists who hate you and our country. It’s a great feeling to be a part of a pro-America community — particularly those who are invested in the continued survival of conservative voices: our VIP community.

Big Tech is desperately trying to silence us. Make no mistake about it, PJ Media and the community we’ve built here are always under threat. But you have the power to help sustain us. You can support us as we report the news the mainstream media wants to suppress. Click here to join our VIP club to defend conservative journalism — and don’t forget to use promo code SAVEAMERICA to receive a 40% discount off your annual membership!



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