Fighting the Trans Cult Requires Unity From the Left and Right

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Over the weekend, the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh got in a heated exchange with author J.K. Rowling over Macy Gray’s recent comments on transgenderism. After previously telling Piers Morgan, “just because you go change your parts doesn’t make you a woman,” she later apologized and backtracked in a subsequent interview on The Today Show, earning the ire of Walsh.

“Sorry but women who publicly renounce the definition of ‘woman’ for fear of mean comments from trans activists deserve all the scorn they get,” Walsh tweeted. “That kind of gutless cowardice is exactly what got us into this position in the first place.”

This did not sit well with Rowling, who retorted by sharing her own experiences since speaking out about transgenderism. “Endless death and rape threats, threats of loss of livelihood, employers targeted, physical harassment, family address posted online with picture of bomb-making manual aren’t ‘mean comments’,” she tweeted. “If you don’t yet understand what happens to women who stand up on this issue, back off.”

Rowling is definitely correct in this exchange. Speaking out about the transgender cult doesn’t merely subject people to “mean comments,” as Walsh suggested. However, he pointed out that he’s gone through the same things she has.

“All of those things and then some have happened to me in the last month because of my film,” he replied. “But if I had backed down and crumbled to the trans activists, I’d deserve to be scorned for it. Cowardice is what empowers these people. Nothing will ever improve until people stop caving.”

He makes a fair point, too. Speaking out against transgender ideology is important, but it is also not easy for everyone to handle the backlash that may result. Every month of June for the last several years has shown how willing businesses are to jump on the LGBTQ Pride Train to prove how woke they are and potentially make a few bucks as a result.

I dare say that most people don’t work for a business that will take so kindly to speech that the left has dubbed “hate speech” and therefore have to proceed with some caution. As a writer for PJ Media, I can say with very high confidence that my professional career won’t suffer from speaking the truth about transgenderism, and I will continue to do so.

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Macy Gray arguably could have weathered the storm as well, and it is a shame that she backed down. That’s why it’s more important than ever for those of us on the right to stand united with those on the left who are brave enough to speak out against the trans cult in order to show everyone that this is an issue that transcends partisanship.

We may not agree on anything else, but we all see the harm that the transgender craze is doing to society. But there is common ground, and we need to work together. The more of us on both sides who speak out the better, and as we increase our numbers, it will show those on the left who are worried about being ostracized from their political kin that they aren’t alone.



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