CRINGE: Kamala Harris Completely Botched Her Latest Big Moment on the World Stage

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

On Wednesday, CNN’s Chris Cillizza wondered if Kamala Harris being sent to Poland would be a turning point for her troubled tenure as vice president.

“Is this, finally, Kamala Harris’ moment?” he asked.


Well, we have our answer: Nope.

During a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, Kamala Harris’s response to a question about the Ukrainian refugee crisis has become the subject of criticism.

What did she do?

She laughed.

Both Harris and Duda were posed similar questions about the U.S. accepting Ukrainian refugees to help share the burden with Poland, after which Harris and Duda looked at each other waiting for the other to indicate who would respond first.

“Okay,” Harris said. “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” she added before cackling over her own joke.

When she finally got serious, she was noncommittal about whether the U.S. would accept Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war.

But her laugh was the most memorable part of her performance.

“When asked about Ukrainians suffering under Russian attacks, Kamala LAUGHS,” tweeted Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) “Why does she always do this? She’s incapable of answering ANY tough questions. Kamala is a total EMBARRASSMENT!”

“Nothing about any of this is funny,” tweeted Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean.


Fox News’ Greg Gutfield mused, “I wonder how her laugh translates in Polish.”

This is not the first time she’s laughed in response to a question about serious issues. Last year after the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, Kamala laughed in response to a question about Americans left behind there.

Kamala had another cringeworthy moment during the joint press conference with Duda when she appeared to have to check her notes when explaining where she was. “I am here … standing … here …” she muttered before looking down at her notes.

So awkward.



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