Oops, Jen Psaki Accidentally Makes the Case for Trump

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made a stunning admission Wednesday morning on CNN—an admission that she didn’t realize was making at the time, but we surely won’t let her forget.


“You know I was at the State Department, the president was the vice-president, the last time Russia invaded Ukraine,” she said. “This is a pattern of horror from … President Putin and from the cronies around him.”

Does anyone want to tell her? She shouldn’t need to be told because Donald Trump already did.

“Under Bush, Russia invaded Georgia. Under Obama, Russia took Crimea. Under Biden, Russia invaded Ukraine,” Donald Trump said at CPAC 2022 in Orlando last week. “I stand as the only president of the twenty-first century on whose watch Russia did not invade another country.”

So, yeah, congratulations, Psaki, you just told CNN and their entire audience (all ten of them) not only how Putin has a tendency to invade other countries when Democrats are in the White House, but even more so when Trump isn’t in charge.

At least now we can all agree that Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if we had a strong leader like Trump in the White House.



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