Did You Get On Trump's Truth Social Platform Yet? I Did ... Sort of ...

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

If you pre-ordered the app for Donald Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social, you were probably very excited when the app finally appeared on your iPhone (it’s not available for Android yet) late Sunday night.


And then you tried to sign up, and things didn’t go very smoothly. Truth Social’s servers clearly couldn’t handle demand and potential users took to Twitter and GETTR to report their issues signing up — myself included.

I spent roughly an hour attempting to get through the account creation process Sunday evening, finally giving up shortly after midnight. I tried again in the morning and successfully created my account, although I’m not able to use it yet.

After creating the account, I found that due to the massive demand, I’ve been put on a waitlist. So I’ll have to wait before I can even use the account I created.

The text on Truth Social’s status page says that “The Truth Social application is online, although user creation is currently rate-limited during our rollout. We will expand capacity over the coming hours to enable more users to join Truth Social.”

High demand was inevitable for the app’s launch, but, frankly, it’s disappointing that they didn’t have the ability to handle that demand. There was probably a better way for Truth Social to handle its launch — perhaps starting as invite-only, giving users a set number of invites to help control the number of users trying to create an account at once. All I know is that Truth Social’s developer, Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), had to know that there’d be a lot of demand on launch day and a lot of attention on how well it went.


There’s no use in denying that the launch did not go well. Surely, TMTG will spin the problems as a symptom of unprecedented demand, but they knew this would happen. They had to know how many people preordered the app and that most would attempt to create an account as soon as the app was automatically downloaded to users’ phones. So this was not good on their part, but hopefully, they’ll have learned from this and be better in the future.

Well, I’m disappointed it took so long, but I’m happy my account is created. So I’m choosing now to look forward. Sure, the launch was sloppy, but on the other hand, it was still better and less expensive than Healthcare.gov.


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